Aside from the fact that I was born in the generation of Millennials, it just might possibly be that my daily yoga and penchant for chai tea qualifies me for the label as well.

Truth be told, I missed out on a lot of what my generation had to offer. Since I went to so many schools, it was hard to develop long-term friends. I wasn’t much for parties and clubs. Hell, I didn’t even attend my first concert until five years ago. Don’t laugh, but it turned out the final performer was Taylor Swift, and I sang as loud as the rest.

The only problem with trying to classify Millennials is that what I believe defines them the most is their lack of classification. More than ever we have a generation which simply doesn’t fit any mold, which makes the widest range of choices and which doesn’t fall into any general lifestyle. But then lack of categorization becomes a trait in itself.

For example, I never take drugs and I rarely drink alcohol. While drug use is rampant across America and other countries, it is by no means a defining characteristic of all Millennials. Additionally, the rationality of taking or avoiding drugs is certainly a contested matter, although those in favor of drug use is probably a higher percentage.

Alcohol is another matter, as the number of Millennials who abstain from drinking is decidedly smaller. It’s not that I don’t drink. I never drink to excess. I can truthfully say I’ve never been drunk, and only barely tipsy for a couple moments. My views on drinking certainly differ from the vast majority of my generation, and yet I still find many who share my stance.

My political views are decidedly impartial, much to the consternation of some of my friends, and relief of others.

I’ve always done things differently than others. All my life I’ve been called a rebel. For better or worse, I would never do things differently. I also encourage others to do the same, and I’m happy to see so many other rebels in my generation.

But being a rebel isn’t just about going against the Establishment. It’s also about thinking outside the box, being willing to try something new, opening yourself up to new points of view. As Aristotle said, “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to harbor an idea without accepting it.”

I also believe that true happiness comes from being willing to experience anything, and also only doing those things that others can experience easily.

Having said that, I’m still not willing to try drugs.

But beyond drugs, I’m always up for an adventure. I didn’t hesitate to jump 50 feet into the water in Chiang Mai, and I went for a 70 mile bike ride across Lithuania. I’ve tried some of the strangest food in the world, and slept in very questionable locations. Oh, and then there was the time I quit my life to permanently travel the world.

I think most of the activities I do are shared interests with other Millennials. I’m curious to know from my readers if this is the case.

Next month, I’ll be returning to Europe. I plan to get a home in Romania for a few months. During that time, my goals are to visit my 15 remaining countries in Europe, and do as many off-the-beaten-path adventures as I can find. I’m open to suggestions!

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  1. Momma To Go Reply

    I guess thats the problem with stero-typing a whole generation, not everyone fits the mold!

    • Very true. Whenever I talk about things, I always have to preface it with the fact that absolutes don’t exist in this universe. It tempers the people who are always trying to shoot holes in everything they hear.

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