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Cancun is one of the three most expensive parts of Mexico, along with Mexico City and Los Cabos. As such, knowing how to travel to Cancun on a budget is essential if you’re a backpacker or don’t have a huge fund for your travels. Backpacking Accommodations in Cancun Cancun is a major destination for international travelers. During the pandemic of…

My First Impression of Cancun and it's Turquoise Beach 3

Mexico was the first country I flew to internationally (not counting my road trips to Canada). It’s been 10 years since I was last here, and I wasn’t sure what my impression of Cancun would be after traveling to 50 other countries around the world. I knew I loved Mexico the first time, and I’ve been dreaming about coming back and eating real Mexican food ever since.

CDG Terminal 2E Gate L

Three times I’ve been to Paris, but I’ve yet to explore the city. On my most recent trip, we had a 24-hour layover at Charles de Gaulle Airport (CDG) on our route from Edinburgh to Cancun, Mexico. Well, it wasn’t just the night, but rather a full 20 hours stuck in Terminal 2E. Don’t worry, it really wasn’t that bad. In fact, Charles de Gaulle airport is where a man spent 18 years living in Terminal 1, which is the true story which Tom Hank’s The Terminal is based on.