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About SkyeTravels: The Purpose, Goal and Plan Behind the Website

Hi! I’m Skye from SkyeTravels. Nice to meet you.

Yes, my name is Skye. The story of how I got my name tends to vary over the years, and changes depending on which parent I ask. My favorite story is that I was named after the limitless sky, and spelled after the Isle of Skye in Scotland for its beauty, even though neither of my parents had been there by my naming.

I was born in Beverly Hills and grew up all along the west coast US, living in over a dozen homes and going to even more schools. My first job was in data entry for a law firm when I was 13, and a year later I was landscaping and working on a farm in Oregon. By 15 I was programming websites, working on events in Hollywood and working in managerial positions.

Over the next few years I had a range of jobs, primarily as a teacher of business and management subjects to adults, but with more side jobs than I’d care to list. Things went well until a series of unfortunate events guiding me into finding my own way in life. Applying one of the principles I used to teach, I sat down to work out what my goals, purposes and plans were in life. Thus SkyeTravels was born.

My Purpose

For most of my life, my purpose has been to help others. I feel that I can best do this by inspiring them to live a better life, follow their dreams and remove elements from their life that prevent them from succeeding.

As a teacher, I wrote a weekly newsletter to my students to inspire them to get through their studies and apply the information they had learned. I love writing inspirational pieces, and I try to teach by example.

If I had one wish, it would be to see immorality, criminality and illiteracy eradicated from the world. I believe that these three are all interconnected and that it is possible to get rid of them and raise man to new heights as a species.

Although written as Sci-Fi, the Lensman Series by E.E. Doc Smith tells the story of Mankind evolving into a perfect species able to conquer the universe. I know it’s fiction, but I believe it could come to pass someday.

My Goal

I want to live my life on my terms, traveling the world in inspiring others to do the same.

SkyeTravels exists to provide enjoyable stories to my readers that get them interested in exploring the world. I pass on my travel advice, recommendations and deals to my readers, interspersed with personal anecdotes and wacky adventures.

I believe that news and stories should be inspiring and uplifting. There’s far too much bad news in the world and not enough good news. I’m here to balance the scales.

My Plan

I want to see every country in the world. Yeah, that’s kinda corny and ambitious, but I love seeing new cultures and learning as much as I can.

I love food and I can’t ever seem to try enough new dishes. I’ve also been a chef and I enjoy learning how to make the meals I try.

The plan is to have home bases around the world from which I can travel from. While my blog focuses on solo travel, I’d love to have a partner along for the adventure.

Work with Me

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