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Many cultures and countries think of getting a massage as a luxury item, and most charge a fortune for one as if it was. Nothing could be further from the truth.

In other countries, such as Thailand, China and Indonesia, tourists flock to get their “luxury” massage.

You would never think of going to the doctor or dentist as a luxury, unless perhaps you live in the USA and don’t have health insurance. Body health is simply not a luxury. It is a basic requirement of survival.

Head Massage

Massages are a necessary part of optimum health. Thus, while you might consider them luxurious, don’t ever get them simply as a luxury.

You should be receiving a massage two to three times a week!

Here’s why.

Massages improve your circulation. The heart is the only muscle that never gets to relax, and this can lead to plenty of bad conditions. Massages, especially those which use pressure, help to increase the blood flow throughout the body. This leads to more oxygen getting to the organs, and thus longer life for all parts of your body.

Tip: Ensure you tell your massage therapist if you have high blood pressure, are diabetic, are pregnant or on your period or have any other heart conditions.

Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler Thai Massage

Massages improve your nerves. The nerves run along the spine, arms and legs. The nerve channels can get blocked. Massages help to remove these blocks. Relaxing the nerves also leads directly to mental relaxation.

Tip: When you get a massage, concentrate on feeling the hand or fingers on the part of your body being massaged, and think about how alive that body part is.

Oil Massage

Massages improve the muscles and flexibility. Tight muscles are the bane of graceful movement and a range of motion. Regular massages keep you limber, which directly leads to better performance of many organs in the body.

Tip: Go for a Thai massage, which incorporates assisted yoga stretching along with the deep pressure.

Wat Pho Massage Class Assisted Yoga Stretch

Massages improve other mechanisms of the body, such as sleeping, digestion and excrement. If you’re having problems in any of these areas, there’s a chance that massage could help.

If you want a healthy body, getting a massage isn’t a luxury. It’s a part of life, and should be “indulged” in at least once a week, if not more. Now we just need to get more massage therapists!

Photo Credit: I’d like thank my friend and fellow blogger Alexandra Kovacova for the use of her massage photos. Read more about how she gets massages around the world at Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler.
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