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“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.”

― Augustine of Hippo

 Rome from Palatine Hill

Do you like to see photos of beautiful places and read stories of adventures around the world?

Sometimes we are stuck where we live and work and can’t go traveling or explore the world as much as we would like. But there’s hope. Reading a good story or seeing a beautiful photo of a destination you would like to travel to, or perhaps one you didn’t consider visiting, can sometimes be just as good. For the longer story, there are fantastic books out there, such as Wild, Eat Pray Love, Kon-Tiki or Treasure Island. But sometimes all you need is a short travel blog about a city you’ve always dreamed of traveling to.

Center of Ghent

I write my travel blog for you.

Every day I meet people who tell me its their dream to travel the world. I give them all the advice I can to make this a reality, and I include many posts for such on my blog. But more than anything I like to talk about the cities I’ve been to and give you tips on how to visit them yourself. For years I lived vicariously reading the travel blogs of others. Now I hope you can do the same with mine. And when it comes time for your own adventure, I hope my information helps.

Florence Sunset

But even though I travel on a budget, it still needs to be financed.

I didn’t start my travels with a huge bank account or a trust fund. I’ve spent nearly my whole life volunteering for work and am continuing to do so as I travel. It doesn’t pay a lot, but it gets me by. However, there are some things which cost a little extra, and traveling long distances isn’t cheap. Next month I plan to walk the 100-mile West Highland Way in Scotland from Glasgow to Fort William, but I need to get more hiking and camping supplies first. In October I need to attend the TBEX Travel Blogger Convention in Bangkok, but I need to pay for the tickets and airfare. I’ve already registered to volunteer at the 2016 Olympics in Rio, but if I am accepted, I will need to pay for the flight there, and possibly my lodging for up to two months.

Vernazza Night Shot

If you would like to sponsor me for these activities, please click on the link on the right.

In exchange, not only will I have the wherewithal to continue my travels and provide you with more stories, but I will send you gifts from my travels. For donating $5, I wills send you a postcard from my next destination. For $10 I will send you a photo magnet. For $20 I will send you postcards from my next five destinations. For $50 I will personally purchase you a souvenir worth up to $10 and ship it to you from your choice of my next destinations. For $100 I will send you a souvenir, postcards from my next 10 destinations and personally coach you one-on-one to assist with your own travel plans. And for the truly generous and adventurous, for $1000 I will meet you in any city in the continent I am currently located in and tour you around the city while helping you with your travel plans and budget. (The last benefit is dependent upon visa restrictions, which are few.)

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