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I was only in Split for a few hours. But it was just long enough to have a rather interesting adventure which was a good, educational experience for traveling.

I went to Split after the Plitvice Lakes on the recommendation of the Falling Lakes Hostel manager. The only problem was I had already booked work in Tirana, Albania for the last week of June, and I still needed to get to Bosnia and Montenegro before Tirana. So I didn’t have a lot of time to explore.

Hostel Wine Garden Bedroom
My empty room at the Wine Garden Hostel in Split

I researched campgrounds around Split to see if I could save some money and found one for 44 Croatian kuna, which is about €6. I had a 2 PM bus from Korenica by the lakes which arrived in Split at 7:30. From there it was 8 km to the campground, which I chose to walk. When I arrived, after walking nearly 1 1/2 hours, I was told that the price was 110 kuna. That was more than the hostels in town, so I paid for a bus ride back into town and found a hostel there for 100 kuna. Of course, when you get a hot shower, security and an en-suite 8-bed room to yourself, it’s more than worth it. In fact, it felt like bliss after my escapade.

Luka Ice Cream Parlor
Part of the line at Luka ice cream parlor at 11 PM

After checking into the hostel, it was time to relax…with ice cream. I didn’t do much in Split, but I did find the best ice cream parlor in town – Luka Ice Cream. The line at 11 pm was a couple dozen people long, and the flavors were fantastic. I really liked ginger cookie, but lavender and rose was something I hadn’t even experienced in Italy. Definitely one-of-a-kind, and amazing.

After that it was another great chat with the owner of the hostel, and another one the next morning with a different staff member. The hostels in the Balkans are truly amazing, and the staff are friendlier than other places I have been. At this hostel I was able to get lots of interesting information about Croatia and the political status of the country. Once again I wished I had spent more time in one location to have a chance to meet the locals longer, and of course explore the town more.

Split Beach
One of the beaches in Split at sunset

But Split didn’t have much more for a traveler like me. If I’d had more money I could have done some of the tourist attractions, such as visiting the stunning islands, enjoyed the endless parties, etc. But I was ready for my next country, Bosnia. So I said goodbye and got on a bus. I’ll be back. Croatia has a very special place in my heart now, and I look forward to seeing the rest of the places the country has to offer. Reportedly, Krka National Park is almost as beautiful as Plitvice Lakes, and I’m still kicking myself for not getting to see the Game of Thrones primary filming location of Dubrovnik. How can I have a life of travel and still not have enough time to see everything? It’s just not fair!

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