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In my trip to Pula, Croatia, I stayed at Riva Hostel right along the beach near the center of town. It was there I met Jasmina.

Jasmina co-owns the hostel with her brother Skender. In three years, she has built up the hostel into quite the place to stay.

Originally from Bosnia, she studied in the USA. When she graduated, she and her brother decided to open up a hostel, following after their parents who rent out an apartment in the center of town.

They started with just one apartment and eighteen beds. The next year they purchased the upstairs terrace and attached building, which was originally a hotel built over a century ago and restored after being demolished in World War II. Since then they have renovated the terrace into an outdoor bar, and are currently building several more rooms.

Riva Hostel Terrace
Riva Hostel terrace at night

The hostel is open from April to October and offers nearly 60 beds, some of which have a seafront view. The hostel is very clean, and the terrace is a great place to hang out and meet friends. The other staff, Karmela and Josipa, are very helpful too.

Rooms range from €15-€22, and privates are either €48 or €56. The hostel is fully booked throughout the summer, so plan early. This is definitely the place I would recommend to stay in Pula. And why Pula? Besides the fact that it’s in Croatia, flights from London are as cheap as €45 on NorwegianAir. From here, it’s only a short trip to Plitvice Lakes. Of course, you don’t need to travel that far to see the amazing beaches, enjoy the endless club scene or explore the Roman ruins, including an arena right in the heart of town.

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  1. Wow it looks beautiful! What a great place to visit!
    Thanks for telling me about the hostel and showing the nice pictures Skye.

    • You’re very welcome. Just wait until you see the pictures of the Plitvice Lakes. One of the most beautiful places in the world in my opinion.

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