I only spent two days in Odessa, which wasn’t nearly enough time. Fortunately, both days were spent at the boutique NEBO Hotel.

When I first arrived at the hotel, I was sure I had the wrong address. While the building initially looked like it could be a hotel, there was no sign outside for the NEBO Hotel, and no indication there was a hotel within. After several minutes of searching, I finally found a small sign beside one of the doors. Inside, an old lady at a desk who spoke no English indicated with her fingers that I needed to go to the 10th floor. Entering the elevator, I saw there were only nine floors, but a tiny sticker indicated the top floor was the one I wanted. Outside the elevator, I walked down a hallway under construction with all the doors covered in plastic. Turning a corner, I saw a welcoming sign at the end of the hallway for the hotel.

Stepping through the door, it was like stepping into a new world. The questionable building morphed into a beautiful hotel. Well, I don’t know if hotel is the right word. NEBO is more like boutique, fully-serviced apartments. With a total of 8 rooms, they make the perfect quiet and cozy place to stay in Odessa.

The motif is an artsy modern style with chrome and color throughout. There are two receptionists who take turns, while two cleaners keep the hotel spotless. The other two notable staff are Coke and Grey, the two birds who fill the reception with their singing.

Birds at NEBO Hotel

My room was beautiful with dark wood paneling and blue and purple highlights. The bed was very comfortable, I had a desk to write at, and the view was of a huge park and golden-domed cathedral. Other amenities like a fridge, TV, safe and AC were also available.

Each morning, breakfast was provided directly to my room. On the first day, I had cheese-filled crepes with powdered sugar and syrup. Not the healthiest, but oh so yummy. To get a bit healthier, I chose the eggs and bacon breakfast on the second day. Both were served with tea or coffee (I took the coffee).

The one feature of NEBO hotel I didn’t get to use (but really wanted to) was the sauna. You can book an hour in it at night. I would have, but I just spent too much time wandering the streets of Odessa.

To book your stay at NEBO Hotel, contact them at [email protected] or visit their website: Nebo Hotel.

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