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For months, I’d been receiving invitations to visit Iceland with the Trablin convention. The only problem was the price tag. Trablin wasn’t a fortune, but the rest of Iceland was. Hotels in Reykjavik averaged over $2500 a week! Luckily, I was able to find the LOFT Hostel, which made my visit possible.

Visiting Iceland was always at the top of my bucket list, and there are some really unique places to stay in Iceland. But when I found out that my friends had paid $1500 for a week for their Airbnbs, I began to despair that Iceland would ever fit into my budget. Then I found the LOFT Hostel. It had been a while since I’d stayed at a hostel, and I’d come to appreciate the comforts of private rooms and beautiful, boutique hotels. Yet if it meant the difference between visiting and not visiting Iceland, I was certainly willing to give them a try.

The LOFT Hostel couldn’t have been a better choice. Not only were they perfectly located right in the heart of Reykjavik, the hostel was also beautiful, comfortable, clean, secure and fun. What more could you want in a hostel?

The night I checked in, I was rushing between the Blue Lagoon and a boat tour to see the northern lights, and I didn’t even have enough time to drop off my bag before sprinting down to the harbor. The lights were absolutely stunning, and I even got to see the pinks in the display. But they weren’t finished when I got back to the hostel, and I could still see them from the top floor balcony!

LOFT Hostel Northern Lights

I finally made it to my room after midnight. It was spacious and had separate en-suite toilet and shower rooms. It was also blessedly warm. The bed was soft, and I had a wonderful sleep.

The next morning, I entered the common room to find something truly wonderful – a breakfast buffet to rival some of the hotels I’ve stayed at. This was no continental breakfast. They had hard-boiled eggs, hummus, cheese, yogurt, fruits and vegetables, and different juices to choose from. Best of all, there were freshly baked croissants and waffles with Canadian maple syrup. Breakfast was also served early enough for me to eat before I had to catch my first tour.

LOFT Hostel Breakfast

That night when I got back to the hostel, I was surprised to find karaoke in the common room! The LOFT Hostel has parties and events all the time (but at reasonable times so that they don’t disturb the guests). Later that week, there was a water-coloring party. Even with all the things to do in Iceland, it was nice to spend some time in the hostel and meet fellow travelers as well as the locals who would come to enjoy the activities.

LOFT Hostel Karaoke

Although I didn’t get to use it, the hostel also had a full self-catering kitchen. I certainly would have made more use of that had I spent more than a couple hours at the hostel every day. It would have been a lot cheaper than eating out for every meal.

As mentioned earlier, the LOFT Hostel couldn’t have been located better. It’s positioned at the bottom of the Skólavörðustígur walking street, with the beautiful Hallgrimskirkja church at the top of the street and visible from the hostel balcony. There are markets and restaurants within a couple minutes from the hostel, and just down the street is Bæjarins Beztu Pylsur, selling their world-famous lamb hot dogs.

LOFT Hostel View

Prices for the hostel start at $50 a night, which is far cheaper than the hotels in town. Book directly on their website or use Agoda to help support my travels with a small commission.

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Disclaimer: I’d like to thank the LOFT Hostel for inviting me to visit their hostel. As always, my opinions are my own.
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