When I went to Romania, I had the chance to stay with the parents of a friend in the town of Resita. While there, I received a tour of the family homestead, a fully self-sustaining farm off the grid.

The house has been in the family for generations. Comprised of more than half a dozen large bedrooms, a bathroom and an external kitchen, basically all you would want in a modern house.

Forge at Farm
Forge and bellows at the farm, with an anvil and hand drill out of the picture.

Also in the property is an external kitchen house, a barn with cows and chickens, another with pigs, a fully equipped forge and workhouse and a plum orchard on the property. A grape vine entwines itself up the side of the house over a 20-meter well for fresh mountain water.

Grapes on Farm
Grapes growing on the roof of the house

The house has cellars built underneath for both the storage of food and the production of cream, butter and rakia. The temperature inside was quite cool, despite it being in the mid 30s outside. And the house had strategically placed fly paper, making it feel even more clean.

Plum Trees on Farm
Plum trees on farm

Of course, the two puppies nipping at my heals made the experience that much better.

Puppies on the Farm

Now who wouldn’t want to live like that?

Apparently, the politicians in the state of Florida. There it is illegal to live off the grid, using solar panels or collecting rain water!

As I travel, I see a lot of living off the grid, some of which is right in the middle of cities. It doesn’t take a lot to grow your own garden, collect rain water and put up some solar cells. Depending on where you live, that could save you thousands. All the better to save you money for your travels.

City Gardener
City Gardener in Pula, Croatia

And speaking of solar power, I need to get myself a solar powered backpack!

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