Last year, I decided it was time for a change of look. All my life I’d wanted long hair, but had to keep it short due to work requirements. But now that I’m free to do as I wish (mostly), I thought it would be fun to sport a man bun. The first challenge was getting my hair long enough, which is why I didn’t get a haircut for nearly a year. Without a monthly visit to a barber, I figured I deserved a splurge at a salon!

After walking around for awhile and comparing different options, I chose the Medusa Hair Salon in the Grassmarket. With a SNAPfax card, I was able to get a 40% discount for  my first visit, putting the extravagance within my budget.

Amy Washing Hair at SalonAs soon as I arrived, Lucy at reception said I could be seen right away and proceeded to bring me over to Amy who washed my hair. I’ve certainly never had my hair washed at a barber, but that wasn’t all. I got the scalp massage too! I’m sure all the ladies reading this are like “Yeah, that’s usual.” Well, why didn’t you tell me?! You’ve been holding out on the good things in life! Oh, and sis. As a Paul Mitchell stylist yourself, I’m holding you fully responsible for my ignorance!

When Amy was finished, she brought me back to the barber seat, where a cappuccino was waiting for me. Lucy ended up being my stylist. I can only imagine it’s not everyday that a man comes in to get his hair trimmed for a man bun, but she did a great job. I still don’t believe her age, especially as she told me she has already been styling hair for five years!

Lucy Cutting Hair at Medusa SalonLucy also gave me the gen [info] on the correct hair products to use. You know, taking care of your body really does matter, especially the older you get. Not only was the salon treatment a first for me, but so was purchasing shampoo and conditioner from one. After finding out how much I needed to use each day, compared to the cheap products I usually get, I realized the investment was fully justified.

After we finished, all that was left was trimming the facial hair. That wasn’t part of the treatment, which was fine by me. By the way, it seems you don’t need to leave a tip in the UK for stylists. However, Lucy was quite happy when I did.

Okay, so maybe I’m not an authority to say that the Medusa Salon is better than other salons. But Lucy and Amy were amazing. And now I have my man bun look fully styled. Maybe I should have left the shaggy beard for the hipster look, but either way it’s an improvement. What do you think: trimmed beard or shaggy, hipster look?

Selfie After Salon

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