To celebrate my two year anniversary of traveling, I’ve teamed up with GPSMyCity to give away free travel apps to help you explore new cities. It’s been an incredible two years, and I’ve enjoyed sharing my stories you every step of the way.

I currently call Chiang Mai my home, where I’ve rented my own condo for the next three months (at least). That’s a really big deal for me, especially since this is my first dwelling that I’m not sharing with anyone else. My entire life I’ve either lived with my family (I moved out when I was 14), in dorm rooms, a shared room in a house or hostels. Um, I guess I can say I’m finally an adult!

Two Years of Travel

On January 28th, 2015, I flew from Portland to Los Angeles, and then to London with a one-way ticket I found for $180. Since then, I’ve traveled over 60,000 miles (100,000 km) to 40 countries (over 100 if you include repeats). I’ve met thousands of incredible people, tried some very unique dishes, fallen in love with cities all over the world and had countless adventures.

So why do I travel?

People used to ask me what I was running from. I would say it was more a matter of what I was running to. I wanted to see the world, not be confined to one city or country. There were a lot of things I didn’t like about where I lived, but there were aspects I liked too. My decision to travel wasn’t based on what happened, but rather could happen. I consider that I’m more motivated by the future than the past. In other words, I live for the creation of the future, not for regret of the past.

From an early age, I dedicated my life to helping others. Unfortunately I took this to an extreme, which resulted in the detriment of other parts of my life, including my physical health and my family. I learned that you have to balance all parts of your life equally. Working 16-hour days to help others seven days a week, without taking days off, seeing family or even exercising took its toll.

Now I travel to enjoy life, while helping others. I help any way I can. I take photos of the world to help make your day, give you a taste of the rest of the world and promote places, food and activities. I write my blog to give travel advice and (hopefully) entertaining stories of my own travels. I trained in Thai massage at Wat Pho to help others feel better physically, and I’m always available to give counselling or consulting with life problems. I love to cook for my hosts, give tours of wherever I am, and any other assistance I can provide.

Selfie Training Horse #4
Training a horse in Sweden with Workaway


One post I’ve never gotten around to writing is one detailing the different travel apps that I use. GPSMyCity is one of those apps. It’s great for exploring a new city, especially one that doesn’t have a free walking tour. There are currently over 750 cities available through GPSMyCity to download, each providing self-guided walking tours of key spots you would likely miss without the app.

I am currently offering ten free codes to unlock a city of your choice. All you need to do is comment on any post in my blog, and you will go into a drawing to receive one of the codes. It’s yet another way I can help you with your travels.

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While I travel to have fun myself, as mentioned, I also travel to help you. I want to inspire you to see the rest of the world, and then assist you once you begin your journey. Unfortunately, I still need my own wherewithal to keep going.

I’ve recently signed up with Patreon as a platform where I can exchange even more services with you in exchange for a small donation. Depending on the level you sign up for, you can receive postcards from my travels, one-on-one travel advice, birthday and Christmas gifts from around the world, or some other spectacular opportunities.

Additionally, the first ten people who sign up for any level will also receive a free GPSMyCity code for the city of their choice. It’s a win-win situation.

Click here to support me on Patreon, so I can help you more!

Selfie at Luskentyre Beach #24


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