I initially went to Glasgow to set out on the West Highland Way up to Fort William. When that adventure fizzled I found the city itself was quite impressive.

I was given many opinions of Glasgow before traveling there, and many more once I arrived. As the largest city in Scotland and third largest in UK, it had a lot to live up to. And while I don’t have a lot of photos (still short a camera), nor did I visit many locations in the city, I still have a little I can say about my trip.

I initially went to Glasgow with the intention of setting out on the West Highland Way up to Fort Williams. The trail officially starts from Milngrave, 10 km north of Glasgow proper. But you can hike the Kelvin Walkway, starting from the Glasgow Riverside Museum and following beside the Allander, Kelvin and Clyde Rivers. I did so myself as a “pre-start” to the WHW, which I still plan to do sometime this year.

I visited the Kelvin Art Gallery and Museum. This 119-year-old museum is the biggest in Scotland and most visited in the UK outside London. While isn’t exactly spectacular, it still has nice exhibits, and the building itself is quite a work of art. And while there are only about 9000 works on display, there are something like another 2 million in storage available to switch out.

I also went to my first pub quiz while in Glasgow with my hosts. While we didn’t win…by far, it was still exceedingly fun, and I look forward to participating in many more throughout my travels. (I’ve already gone to another back in Edinburgh).

The last item of interest from Glasgow is I set a new walking record in my travels – 30 km in a single day. Still not as good as the marathons I used to run, but definitely the best since my knee injury. Permanent disability my @$$!

One final mention is the Megabus between Edinburgh and Glasgow is only £1 each way. Great for budget travel!

And now back to Edinburgh, my new home.

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