Okay, so maybe these are the only Brazilian crepes in Edinburgh, but having said that, they’re probably the best crepes of any kind in Edinburgh.

I always ask the locals where the best place to eat in town is. But every now and then there’s a local gem that even the locals don’t know about. This “street-food cart” called Tupiniquim (after an indigenous population of Brazil) is located in a former police box at the top of Middle Meadows Walk, which thousand and thousands of people walk by every day. Fernando and Gardenia, a wonderful couple with a third on the way, work throughout the day making jumbo-size gluten-free crepes with all kinds of ingredients.

Fernando and Gardenia at Tupiniquim
Fernando and Gardenia at Tupiniquim

The menu includes chicken and vegetarian options, the iconic ham and cheese crepe and a range of dessert flavors. The fresh juice is a must as well, made with ginger, carrot, apple and lemon. Make sure you try their daily specials too. Friday is usually Roast Lamb!

Tupiniquim Winter Menu
Tupiniquim winter menu, subject to change

I went there last year with a friend who was celiac and vegetarian. You couldn’t have picked a better place to eat. Last time, they were fantastic. This year they’re even better. I ordered “Release the Chicken”: chicken breast, cheese, avocado, sweet corn and spinach. The avocado was in season, the chicken was perfectly cooked and the whole meal was just right, filling me up for lunch even through I had skipped breakfast. At only £5 on average for a crepe, it’s fantastic value for the money. After all, street food will always be the best food in any city.

Release the Chicken Brazilian Crepe
Release the Chicken Brazilian crepe

To get there, head down George Bridge away from the Royal Mile, pass the National Museum, take the right fork down Forrest Road and to the walking path leading down to the meadows. The stand is open Tues-Sat from 10:00 to 18:00. In May they’re open on Mondays too, and during the summer it’s 7 days a week. Now, while I did say that most people have not tried it, or at least those I’ve talked to, they still can have quite a long line. I went in the middle of the afternoon and still had to wait 15-20 minutes for my crepe. But still more than worth the wait. You might even get a complimentary sample of the juice from Fernando!

Crowd at Tupiniquim

If you have any dietary problems, let them know. They even have help seeds, hemp oil and other nutritious ingredients for vegans and those with special dietary requirements. But even if you’re the most avid meat-eater and don’t care what you eat, you’re still going to get a fantastic, healthy meal. Who knew Brazilian crepes could taste so good?

Selfie Eating a Crepe

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