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While there are a plethora of activities to do in the capital of Scotland, there are also some wonderful day trips from Edinburgh. The Isle of Skye is my favorite and the most beautiful place in the world, but it takes half a day to get there. If you are limited on time, there are several activities you can do within a day of Edinburgh. All you’ll need is a car, although several of them are part of the Hairy Coo bus tour. Click on the below map to add it to your Google Maps and follow the route.

Maid of the Forth

The first destination is still in Edinburgh. The Forth Bridge was given UNESCO World Heritage status in 2015 and is truly one of the most beautiful and iconic locations in Edinburgh. Originally opening in 1890, it still has the world’s second-longest single cantilever span. This isn’t a long stop, as you just need to get a picture. Any time of the day is great, but especially early morning with the sunrise. After all, this will be a full day of activities, so you need to get started early.

Beautiful Forth Bridge

Forth Bridge Panorama

Linlithgow Palace

Known as the birthplace of Mary, Queen of Scots, this ruined castle is a unique experience to explore. It was burned in 1746, but the shell remains, along with a courtyard fountain where wine once flowed like water. Even more beautiful is the surrounding field and lake. Exploring the castle takes about 1-2 hours.

Linlithgow Palace Courtyard

Opening Hours: April-Sept 9:30-17:30; Oct-Mar 10:00-16:00
Entry Fee: £5.50
Website: Historic Scotland

Linlithgow Palace View

The Kelpies and Helix Park

The Kelpies are two of my favorite sculptures anywhere. Standing 30 meters tall, they are the tallest equestrian sculptures on the planet. You can see them from the M9 highway, but you simply can’t appreciate their majesty without standing beneath them. They are part of the larger Helix Park, where you can also find the Falkirk Wheel, the world’s only rotating boat lift. The hours and prices below apply to the visitor center and paid tours. Otherwise, you can visit for free any time of the day. After the center closes, parking is free too, and you can park in the free lot five minutes down the road during daytime hours. Expect to spend about 20-30 minutes here, or longer if you want to take the tour or get some food.

Kelpies with Refliection

Visitor Center Opening Hours: 10:00-17:00
Tour Fee: £7.00
Website: The Helix Park

Sunset over the Helix Canal

Stirling Castle

I confess I haven’t actually been this castle yet, and I have no excuse as I had a ticket to go! Everyone I met who has been to the castle said it was better than Edinburgh Castle. Therefore, it deserves a spot on this list. I’m told it takes 2-4 hours to explore the castle. It might take up too much time unless you’re spreading your trip into two days. If castles are your thing, this one is a must.

Stirling Castle

Opening Hours: Apr-Sept 9:30-18:00; Oct-Mar 9:30-17:00
Entry Fee: £14.50
Website: Stirling Castle

Wallace Monument

This isn’t a relic from the time of William Wallace, but it’s still worth a visit. Rising above Stirling with a stunning view of the surrounding town and countryside, the tower contains a visitor center and information panels detailing not just the life of William Wallace, but the war between Scotland and England and a lot of other historical facts. Even if you don’t take the tour, the view from the hill is worth the visit. The view from the top of the castle is far better though.

Wallace Monument

Visitor Center Opening Hours: Apr-Sept 9:30 – 18:00; Oct-Mar 9:30-17:00
Entry Fee: £9.99
Website: Wallace Monument

Wallace Monument View

Doune Castle

Make sure you bring your coconuts here or borrow theirs. You’re going to want them as you gallop, I mean walk, up to the entrance. Does it look familiar? If you’re a fan of Monty Python, or Outlander, or Game of Thrones, it should. It’s a ruin but still wonderful to visit. The audio guide is narrated by Terry Jones of Monty Python and has now been updated with information from Outlander. Enjoy the castle grounds, or take the full tour. The audio guide takes about an hour to get through.

Doune Castle Kitchen

Opening Hours: Varies throughout the year, minimally 10:30-16:00
Entry Fee: £5.50
Website: Historic Scotland

Dad at Doune Castle

Go Ape Aberfoyle

As an adventure traveler, this place is easily my favorite on the list. It’s a woodland course, which takes about 3 hours to get through. You start on a zipline over the valley and continue through the trees on an intricate rope course. Suitable for ages 10+, it certainly offers a wealth of action and excitement. The finale of the course is another zipline over the valley floor, this one a staggering 426 meters long (nearly half a kilometer). The entire course is 1171 meters long, with the highest platform 22 meters high. Make sure you bring good clothes and shoes for this one. Get ready to have loads of fun and perhaps conquer your fear of heights!

Go Ape Aberfoyle Tree Course
Photo Credit: Go Ape

Opening Hours: Feb 17-Dec 4, 9:00-16:00; March and November open on weekends only
Entry Fee: £33
Website: Go Ape Aberfoyle

Zipline at Go Ape Aberfoyle

Three Lochs Peak and Hairy Coos

Between Go Ape Aberfoyle and Loch Katrine, there are two spots which you have to visit. They aren’t listed on Google maps, but you can find them on the map above. The first is a little turn-off on the road, leading to the Three Lochs Peak viewpoint where you can get a gorgeous view of the surrounding scenery. A little further down the road, you can park on the side and feed or pet the Hairy Coos there, if they feel like coming over. One way to attract them is to bring some bread with you. The farmers there are okay with you feeding them. If you happen to arrive in April or May, you might get a chance to see one of the baby calves.

Hairy Coo Calf

Gemma at Three Lochs Peak with Rainbow

Loch Katrine

It’s hard to say one loch (lake) in Scotland is better than another. They’re all gorgeous. Loch Katrine is particularly beautiful though, and offers a great path along the lake. The full trail is 18 miles long, but doesn’t quite make a full loop, but you can walk any length you want depending on how much time you have left. Another idea is to rent a bike for four hours, and then take a cruise to the far side of the lake for lunch. From there, ride the bikes back.

Loch Katrine Cruises

Opening Hours: bike rental 9:00-17:00; cruise departs at 10:30
Costs: bike rental £8 and up; one-way cruise £13.00
Website: Loch Katrine Bike RentalsLoch Katrine Cruises

Loch Katrine in Autumn


I’m adding this to the list, as it’s on the way back to Edinburgh. This is your quintessential Scottish village. Mhor Bread Bakery serves some amazing savory and sweet pies for lunch, which you can eat on the banks of the River Teith. If you plan to make this a two-day trip, I’d recommend spending the night here after Doune Castle, and continuing the rest of the list backward starting with Loch Katrine.

River Teith in Callander


Following this route is roughly 130 miles leaving from the Easirent Car Hire at the Edinburgh Airport, and includes about 4 hours of driving depending on traffic.

There are many other activities to see within a day of Edinburgh. Some of my other favorites include North Berwick, Rosslyn Chapel, Loch Lomond and St. Andrews. The point is, after you spend a couple days in Edinburgh, you could spend months in Edinburgh and Scotland. I have, and I’ve still barely scratched the surface.

If you do plan to spread this trip into two days, you can find great accommodations in Aberfoyle or Callander. Some of the most beautiful Airbnb hosts I’ve seen in Scotland have been in this area, and for great prices too. If you squeeze this into a one-day trip, you might have to choose 4-6 items on the list. I did say it was the perfect trip, but there’s just so much to see. I’ve included how long each should take to visit, although if you’re like me, you just might fit them all into a single day. Good luck and enjoy.


  • Transportation

Find the best flights to Edinburgh on Skyscanner. Read my tips on how to find the cheapest flights.

Easirent is the cheapest car company to rent from within the UK (but perhaps not the best).

  • Lodging

Find great deals on hotels and hostels with Agoda. Read my guide on whether you should book ahead at a hostel.

If you’re traveling with more than one person, I’d recommend using Airbnb. Some locations can be fantastic. I’ve even had free, delicious Scottish breakfasts provided!

Couchsurfing is my favorite way to stay in a city. Edinburgh can be very difficult to find hosts, depending on the season, but not impossible. I’ve had some amazing hosts there.

You could also find a hostel or other volunteer job to work at via Workaway.

I want to give a huge thanks to Visit Scotland, ASVA (the Association of Scottish Visitor Attractions), Historic Scotland, the Wallace Monument and Go Ape Aberfoyle for inviting me to visit and enjoy these attractions.
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  1. Very informative post! Scotland is very high on my list – the scenery looks stunning! I’ll have to keep your itinerary in mind 😉

    • Thank you so much. Someday another country might pass it up, but for now Scotland is my favorite country in the world! Hope you make it soon, although spring and summer is better for the weather.

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