I’m constantly on the lookout for the best travel gear to use. When it comes to the best travel towel, Tesalate towels are the clear winner.

I’m still traveling with the same microfiber towel I purchased over five years ago before I left the US. I’ve left it behind a couple times and had to retrieve it, but otherwise, it has served me well. Although it’s quick-drying and takes up almost no space in my backpack, there are some disadvantages. Tesalate towels, from what I can tell through my own use of them, have none of these disadvantages.

Completely Sandless

The trait that immediately makes Tesalate towels the best travel towel, in my opinion, is its feature to resist sand. They use AbsorbLite™, a patented new microfiber fabric with 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. Without the usual fabric loops that ordinary beach towels have, there’s nowhere for the sand to get trapped.

It’s almost odd to be able to put your towel down on the beach, kick some sand on it, go swimming, use the towel to dry off, wipe all the sand off your feet, and then give the towel a little shake and have absolutely no sand still on it. It doesn’t get inside the fabric, nor does it stick to the wet patches. I’ve been shocked every time I’ve done this, as it’s not just how a towel should behave!

Quick Drying

One of the main reasons why I (and most people) went with a microfiber towel for traveling was for its quick-dry properties. The sandless characteristic of the Tesalate towel doesn’t negate this ability. It’s not that the towel doesn’t pick up water; it’s advertised to absorb up to a quart, although I haven’t tested that myself. I’m just happy with how it’s able to completely dry my body, even better than some other microfiber towels that I’ve used.

I’m particularly happy with the feel of the Tesalate towel. Some microfiber is really uncomfortable, feeling like it’s clinging to the skin. Tesalate towels are really smooth. There’s still generally the usual microfiber feel, which is admittedly different and perhaps not entirely as comfortable as cotton, but it gets the job done. I think all the benefits far outweigh the sole disadvantage of it not feeling like cotton.

Big but Compact

As a permanent traveler, saving space is paramount. The microfiber towel I’ve been traveling with folds up to about the size of a fist, but it’s also tiny – barely big enough to wrap around my waist and secure. Tesalate towels are actually designed for the beach and are standard beach towel size, i.e. 63″ x 32″ (160cm x 80cm). There’s also a “Towel for Two” measuring 63″ square.

These towels aren’t just for the beach or traveling. They’re also great for regular showers, especially if your usual towel doesn’t get dry between showers. You can use it for yoga or as a picnic blanket. I also found it quite comfortable as a windbreaker when I got out of the water at Edinburgh’s Loony Dook.

Tesalate Towels


One great feature of microfibre is its resistance to mildew. As such, these towels won’t start to stink if you have to put them back in your bag before they’re fully dry. There have been countless times in my travels when I took a shower in the morning at a hostel and had to put my towel back in my bag when it was still damp. I would never want to do that with a cotton towel but, as long as I can get my towel out after a few hours, the microfiber towel won’t smell afterward.

Of course, if it absorbs a substance which will cause an odor, the towel won’t neutralize it. I mostly just use my towel for showering, the beach and as a ground cover and all that has been fine. I don’t think the towel would remain odorless as a gym towel.

Awesome Designs

There are 30 different designs offered by Tesalate, 5 of which are available for the Towel for Two. The hardest part about ordering a Tesalate towel will undoubtedly be choosing your pattern. There are striped patterns, floral patterns, tie-dye patterns, psychedelic patterns, etc. I chose Tidal which is a beautiful water pattern.

The fancy pattern is on just one side of the towel. The other side has a nice black and white triangular pattern. Both sides are the same material; this isn’t a one-sided towel.


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Tesalate towels are $59 each, or $99 for the Towel for Two. In the UK, towels are £49 or £79 for the Towel for Two. All towels come with free international shipping!

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Disclaimer: I was given a complimentary towel from Tesalate. As always, all views and opinions are my own, nor was my review influenced or slanted by the complimentary product.

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