I’m back in Edinburgh. At last! It’s been almost exactly a year since I first landed here. So much has happened, maybe too much. In other words, I’ve been gone too long.

Since I left last June, I’ve traveled through over twenty countries. I virtually circumnavigated the globe to get back, via SE Asia and the US. Recently, I’ve had this nagging thought in the back of my mind. Even though I’ve been saying over and over that Edinburgh is my favorite city in the world, I thought maybe after all the travels I’ve done I wouldn’t consider it so when I returned.


Still my favorite.

So what has my 24 hours back in Edinburgh been like? Just absorbing it all again. The beauty, the architecture, the conglomeration of cultures (with true Scottish at the core), Scottish food, the wacky citizens, slacklining in the park and everything else.

Slacklining in the Meadows

Day 1 Back in Edinburgh

Royal Mile at NightJust leaving the airport, I found another reason why I love the city so much. I might have mentioned it before, but transportation in Edinburgh is CHEAP! The bus from the airport into town is £1.50. Comparatively, the bus to the airport in Gothenburg where I just left was €10. Must airport shuttles range from €5-10. Bangkok is the only city I know of which is cheaper.

Coming back into town, it was great to see all the familiar landmarks. Have you ever noticed from photographs how many churches there are in Edinburgh? From the top of Arthur’s Seat you can see dozens. But it’s not just the churches. The whole town is oozing with medieval culture.

Basically, as soon as I arrived I just started walking around. I know I need to apply for my citizenship and work and write and all, but all I really want to do is simply wander the streets all day long. I have to admit though, I still can’t seem to get the hang of which direction the cars are coming from, especially at intersections. When I’m driving, I have no problem staying in my lane. But why does it have to be so confusing?

I’m really just glad to be back in Edinburgh. I’m sure I look out of place walking around everywhere with a grin on my face from ear to ear. This is simply where I belong.

Path Through The Meadows

Day 2 Back in Edinburgh

My first full day back, I got off to a great start. As in Arthur’s Seat. Of course I had some toast and marmalade for breakfast and tea on the side, but I was chomping on the bit to get out the door. I took my friend with me, especially since she has been living in Edinburgh for a full year and still hasn’t made it up the most beautiful landmark in Edinburgh. After all, it’s less than half an hour from her house, and there’s simply no excuse not to go. The weather was fantastic, and we ended up staying up at the top for over an hour just admiring the view. And you wonder why I keep saying Edinburgh is my favorite city in the world?

Panoramic View of Arthur's Seat

After the hike, it was time to eat. We stopped at a cafe I came to love the last time I was here – Snax Cafe. I had the Scottish breakfast, complete with sausage, bacon, fried egg, black passing, beans, tattie scone, hash brown, sliced sausage, fried tomatoes, buttered roll and haggis! All for £5.25. Plus an IrnBru on the side which is the only drink in the world to outsell both Coke and Pepsi combined. Vee (my friend) had the same, and we were more than stuffed afterwards.

Scottish Breakfast

Finally I went to Black Medicine Coffee Co, another favorite from my last trip here. I ordered the hot ginger lemonade, but then found that their WiFi isn’t what it used to be, so after walking around town for a couple more hours, seeing another friend from my last visit here and getting some great photos of the Royal Mile, the castle and other memories I never got pictures of (don’t forget I lost my camera the last time I was in Edinburgh – read that story here), I’m now sitting in good, old Starbucks with great WiFi getting caught up on all the work I couldn’t do at the farm.

Royal Mile and St Giles Cathedral

On Monday I plan to finish the paperwork for my citizenship application, get the British equivalent to a notary public to sign it and get it mailed off. Then we’ll just wait and see. The Border Patrol was telling me it couldn’t be done from within the country, but that’s not what the website said, and I’m not going to let my hopes get dashed this soon. I plan to make this go right, and persist until it does!

And just to say it one more time, God am I happy to be back in Edinburgh!

Dancing on a Mountain

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