Authentic Thai Massage Therapy is not a luxury. It’s a part of life. Receiving a Thai massage at least once a week has therapeutic benefits beyond what you might imagine. Opening up the energy lines of the body is not just relaxing, but also increases a resistance to illnesses, allows you to sleep better, improves flexibility and a host of other benefits. Training to deliver a Thai massage is also essential, as you will be able to give one back to me after I give you one! Oh yeah, and you can also help others with this amazing therapy, rather just being on the receiving end. This is why I became a massage therapist. After all, life is all about helping others!

Wat Pho Authentic Thai Massage School

I took the Wat Pho General Massage Class in Chiang Mai. You can read full details about their training options in my post on the Wat Pho Massage School. There are two primary forms of massage: traditional and ancient. Wat Pho specialized in the ancient form. It’s been perfected for centuries and now results in a truly exceptional massage. The roots of the Wat Pho Thai massage go back 2500 years. Original practitioners were said to have performed on The Buddha himself. The technology consists of relieving the stress and blockage along the ten key energy lines of the body, while also integrating assisted yoga stretches. This is why the technique is also known as Thai Yoga Massage.

Authentic Thai Massage Assisted Yoga Stretch
Authentic Thai massage assisted yoga stretch

Since completing my training, I’ve already delivered several massage sessions. Each one has resulted in the person feeling incredibly relaxed, more at ease and also more limber. They’ve uniformly said it was one of the best massages they’ve ever received, if not the best. The style of the massage gets some of the credit.

Length of Time

There’s a very important factor to know about an authentic Thai massage. It is a full two hours, and maybe more. The one-hour massages you get offered in the tourist districts of Thailand and around the world are simply abbreviated, rushed massages which don’t cover the full procedure. You just don’t get a full massage if you get anything less than two hours. Sure it feels relaxing and you’ll get some benefit, but why settle for a half-ass job? (excuse the French.)

Wat Pho Authentic Thai Massage Positions
Wat Pho Authentic Thai Massage Positions


The second thing to know is that Thai massage is essentially a deep tissue massage. Don’t expect a soft rubbing of your muscles. You’re apt to experience some pain. Just grit your teeth and bear with it. The results at the end far outweigh the momentary discomfort. The word “softer” should never escape your lips. In fact, if you really want the results, just keep saying “harder.” The increased pressure and yoga stretches only make you better. Before I started my training, I was a good 15 cm away from touching my toes. After a week of receiving practice massages from other students, I can now touch my toes with ease.

Giada getting a tailor-made massage from the instructor
Student getting a tailor-made massage from the instructor

Happy Endings

Lastly, know that an authentic Thai massage is anything but erotic. A happy ending has no part in the training. Besides, as mentioned in the last point, Thai massage is more about pressure than caressing. Having said that, the bliss from receiving an authentic Thai massage, in my book, is better than a good night in bed. Which is exactly why you need to get trained yourself. Donations to help me in my travels are good, but returning the favor with an authentic Thai massage of your own is preferred! Of course, if you can’t deliver one, I’ll accept the donation.

Please note that I am currently writing this from Malaysia. Any claims of medical cures in the USA are forbidden! On the other hand, I guarantee you’ll receive a first-rate massage from me with amazing results.

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