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January, 2021

  • 24 January

    5 Amazing Trips from Chiang Mai, Thailand

    5 Amazing Trips from Chiang Mai, Thailand 1

    I'm a huge fan of Thailand and everything it has to offer. Even though things have changed recently there, I look forward to getting back as soon as I can. In the meanwhile, I'm sitting in Edinburgh going through my old photographs and gorging myself on as much Thai food as I can afford. If you manage to make it to northern Thailand before I do, these are the trips from Chiang Mai I'd recommend.

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December, 2020

  • 29 December

    A Guide to Camping in the Pentlands

    Camping in the Pentlands

    For years, I've had camping in the Pentlands on my bucket list, but I only managed to check it off this year while being stuck in Edinburgh. The Pentland Hills Regional Park is located 7 miles south of Edinburgh and covers 35 square miles. The park is full of forests, streams, pastures, waterfalls, reservoirs, and, of course, lots and lots of hills.

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  • 27 December

    The Ultimate Guide for Spending 48 Hours in Edinburgh

    Dean Village on the Water of Leith

    I can't figure out how I've never written a guide for spending 48 hours in Edinburgh, considering this is my favorite city, my home base, and the place where I've spent more time than anywhere else since I started traveling the world. Maybe it's because I could never decide how to cram everything into just two days (considering I've been exploring this city for months and am still finding new gems all the time), or maybe because I've already written journal-type posts about days I've spent here. Whatever the reason, here's my recommendation on how to spend your weekend (or week-day) city break in the capital of Scotland.

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October, 2020

  • 6 October

    Volunteering in Northern Ireland at the Giant’s Causeway for a Week

    Selfie Volunteering in Northern Ireland at the Hungry Giant Food Truck

    Volunteering in Northern Ireland at a food truck by the Giant’s Causeway was an absolute blast this summer, and a great way to get back into traveling after the world events this year. Unfortunately, I only went for a week, which wasn’t nearly enough time, especially with all the places in Northern Ireland to visit in my free time. I …

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September, 2020

  • 30 September

    A Complete 48-Hour Itinerary for Falkirk Scotland

    A Complete 48-Hour Itinerary for Falkirk Scotland 2

    If you're looking for a good excursion from Edinburgh in Scotland, Falkirk is a great choice. This city is located only half an hour away from the capital and has plenty of fantastic attractions, including the largest equestrian statues in the world and the only boat wheel in the world, not to mention a few filming locations from Outlander as well as the most curious folly in Scotland. Here's a guide on how to spend 48 hours in Falkirk.

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  • 22 September

    A Virtual Tour of the Callendar House in Falkirk, Scotland

    Tour of the Calendar House

    If you're visiting Falkirk, taking a tour of the Callendar House should definitely be on your itinerary. This year, the house was closed for nearly six months due to world events. As it happens, I was their very first visitor when they reopened on September 10th. In case you're not able to get to Scotland in the near future, or if you'd just like a taste of what's in the house, here's a little virtual tour. This is definitely not meant to supplant your own visit someday.

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  • 13 September

    How to Find and Explore the Dunmore Pineapple in Scotland

    The Dunmore Pineapple HouseThe Dunmore Pineapple House

    As far as unusual architecture goes, the Dunmore Pineapple just might be the strangest building in Scotland. It's also rather hard to find, especially using Google Maps. On the suggestion of Visit Falkirk, I made it out to the Pineapple House to see just what was so special.

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August, 2020

July, 2020

  • 31 July

    21 Attractions in Edinburgh for a Rainy Day

    21 Attractions in Edinburgh for a Rainy Day 3

    When planning your trip to Scotland, make sure to include some attractions in Edinburgh for a rainy day. If there’s one certainty, it’s that it will almost always rain in Edinburgh. While most of my favorite spots in the city are outdoors, there are plenty of indoor attractions you can enjoy as well. ContentsNational Museum of ScotlandNational GalleriesScottish National GalleryScottish …

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  • 25 July

    A Virtual Tour of Holyrood Palace in Edinburgh, Scotland

    Tour of Holyrood Palace

    You can once again take a tour of Holyrood Palace, now that enhanced health and safety measures are in place. Among the changes are mandatory advanced bookings and a limited number of people in the smaller rooms, which will reduce the number of people who can take the tours each day. If you're not able to visit soon, here's a virtual tour of the palace in the meantime.

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  • 7 July

    What it’s Like to be a Part of Trusted House Sitters

    Selfie with Dogs House Sitting in Brighton

    I've been using Trusted House Sitters for years in my travels, and some of my favorite memories have been from petting sitting my four-legged friends. If you want to spend less traveling the world, don't mind spending a bit more time in one spot, and love animals, house sitting is the perfect opportunity for you.

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June, 2020

  • 28 June

    A Guide to Volunteering with Workaway or Worldpackers When You Travel

    Volunteering with Workaway or Worldpackers

    I started volunteering three weeks into my travels, and I’ve been doing so ever since. Finding great hosts or projects with Workaway or Worldpackers can be extremely rewarding, but there can also be pitfalls, and there are definitely a few things you should know before you jump into volunteering. ContentsWhy You Should Volunteer When You TravelThe Different Types of Volunteer …

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  • 11 June

    How to Make the Most of Your 48 Hours in Dubai

    Selfie with Luisa at I Love UAE Sign

    Spending 48 hours in Dubai certainly isn’t enough time, considering what a world-class city it is. But if that’s all the time you have, here’s a guide on how to make the most of your visit. ContentsWhy DubaiGetting to DubaiWhere to StayWhat to EatAttractions in DubaiBurj KhalifaDubai MallBurj Al ArabPalm Jumeirah IslandMall of the EmiratesDhow Evening Cruise on Dubai CreekDubai …

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  • 1 June

    5 All-American Road Trips to Take

    All-American Road Trip

    The United States is unquestionably one of the best destinations in the world for a road trip. With thousands of miles of stunning highways that snake through a variety of environments, you’ll be spoiled for choice when planning your journey. Before starting your cross-country adventure, check out these incredible ideas for your next expedition. ContentsTraverse the Historic Route 66Discover the …

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May, 2020

  • 26 May

    19 Amazing Things to Do in Krakow, Poland

    Big Market Square in the Krakow Old Town

    There are so many things to do in Krakow, it can be hard to decide what to put on your itinerary when you’re there. The right answer: all of them, of course! Krakow is one of my favorite cities in the world, and I’ve stayed there three times now, each time finding new adventures and gems around the city. Here …

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  • 20 May

    Planning My Trip and Visa for Vietnam as a UK Citizen

    Selfie on Railroad Street

    Planning a trip and getting a visa for Vietnam isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do with the current world events, but I believe in following your dreams no matter the opposition. I’ve been dreaming of going back to Vietnam since my first visit there last year. Even though there’s travel uncertainty at the moment, I’m still looking at what …

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  • 15 May

    Taking a Tour Halfway Around Iceland’s Golden Circle

    Selfie at Gullfoss Falls

    Some activities in Iceland seem to be on everyone’s bucket list, such as relaxing in the Blue Lagoon, glimpsing the northern lights and taking a tour around Iceland’s Golden Circle. The Blue Lagoon is gorgeous but slightly overrated. The northern lights are elusive and some have been to Iceland more than once and yet still never seen them. The Golden …

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  • 9 May

    The 3 Best Towns to Stay in the Algarve for Your Next Vacation

    The 3 Best Towns to Stay in the Algarve for Your Next Vacation 4

    Already planning your next holiday? Forget France and Spain. If you want sun, sand and pristine water, it doesn’t get much better than Portugal’s southern coast. But if you’ve never been before, how do you choose where to stay in the Algarve when there’s such a superb choice of stunning locations in this part of the world? ContentsStay in the …

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  • 6 May

    Spelunking and Snowmobiles on Langjokull Glacier

    Snowmobiles on Langjokull Glacier

    Iceland is the most beautiful country I’ve been to. Whether exploring the numerous waterfalls, marveling at the northern lights or riding the snowmobiles on Langjokull Glacier, there are plenty of activities on which to take in the stunning scenery. ContentsTours with Mountaineers of IcelandPreparing for the ColdSnowmobiles on Langjokull GlacierSpelunking in the Ice CavesReturning to ReykjavikBooking Your Tour with Mountaineers …

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April, 2020

  • 29 April

    15 Delicious Dishes and Restaurants in Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Selfie with Ice Cream in Rotterdam

    I’m half-Dutch and I was raised on several Dutch dishes made by my grandparents. Thus, I made it a point to find the best restaurants in Rotterdam when I visited. ContentsHutspotBitterballen, Kroketten and FrikkandelKapsalon – HAS DonerFrites – Frites UniqueKibbling – Blaak MarktHerring – MarkthalSurinamese Food – Wong’s PlaceSushi – SumoIjs – De IJssalonDutch Chocolate – Chocolate Company CafePoffertjes – …

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  • 24 April

    Keeping Alive the Dream of Traveling the World

    Selfie on Bus to Chiang Rai (Dream of Traveling)

    Everyone has their goals in life. One of mine has been the dream of traveling the world. Sometimes our dreams hit roadblocks, but we always need to keep our eye on the mountain. ContentsPlanning for the DreamKeeping Your Eye on the MountainDealing With Those Who Sabotage Your DreamsTraveling After the Current World EventsMy Dream of Traveling the WorldClick to Pin …

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  • 15 April

    The 7 Best Walks and Hikes in Edinburgh

    Selfie on the Pentlands (Best Hikes and Walks in Edinburgh Cover)

    Due to current world events, I’m spending a few weeks exploring the best walks and hikes in Edinburgh. Although I love traveling the world, I still enjoy coming back to my “home base,” and the trails are a big factor in that. ContentsArthur’s SeatPortobello BeachUnion CanalThe Water of LeithBlackford HillCorstorphine HillThe Pentland HillsClick to Pin ItFurther Reading Arthur’s Seat It’s …

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  • 6 April

    Do You Really Need a VPN When Traveling the World?

    Selfie at Into the Woods Cafe

    I recently signed up with Surfshark VPNs. I’ve never used a VPN when traveling, but the plans were really cheap and I figured it couldn’t hurt. I’m also taking a short break from traveling at the moment due to current world events, so this article will look at the benefits of having a VPN whether you’re traveling or not. ContentsWhat …

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March, 2020

  • 18 March

    Private Boat Tours in San Diego Are More than Just Whale Watching

    Private Boat Tours in San Diego Are More than Just Whale Watching 5

    You may know about private boat tours in San Diego for whale watching excursions, but did you realize you can reserve one for other uses as well? The ocean has always had a romantic appeal, which makes it a natural fit for such occasions. If you’re stuck for ideas to impress a date or celebrate a special event, look to …

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  • 8 March

    What Do You Do When a Bus Drops You Off in the Middle of Nowhere

    A Bus Drops You Off in the Middle of Nowhere

    It’s never fun when a bus drops you off in the middle of nowhere, and even worse when it’s in the middle of the night. I’ve had some pretty wild experiences with this, including not having internet, getting dropped off in the wrong location, etc. Here are some of the adventures (or misadventures) I had, and how I’ve coped in …

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  • 5 March

    My Crazy Adventure House Sitting in Appleby, England

    Selfie House Sitting in Appleby

    I’ve just spent the past two weeks house sitting in Appleby, England. Between two wonderful purebred Spanish Water Dogs, snowstorms and getting locked out of the van, it was quite an adventure. ContentsMy First Impression of HiltonBeautiful Winter WeatherGetting Locked Out of the VanMy Host to the RescueJoin Trusted Housesitters TodayClick to Pin ItFurther Reading My First Impression of Hilton …

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February, 2020

  • 27 February

    Everything You Should Know Before Booking a Cruise

    Cruise in Hainan

    Booking a cruise may be intimidating, especially if this is your first time. However, it will be an unforgettable experience not only for you but also for all the people who are going to join you. Before you sail the ocean, you must understand that each cruise is different, depending on the destination and even the ship of your choice. …

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  • 22 February

    Budget Travel Guide: 5 Tips for Backpacking in Bordeaux

    Selfie Backpacking Bordeaux on a Budget

    France is not one of the cheaper countries to visit in Europe. If you’re on a budget, definitely avoid Paris and aim for one of the other gems. So far, my favorite is Bordeaux. If you end up backpacking in Bordeaux as I did, here are some tips to save you money. As always, the less you spend, the longer …

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  • 10 February

    What Do You Do With Only 48 Hours in Berlin

    Selfie for 48 Hours in Berlin

    As the fifth-largest city in Europe, it can be very hard to decide how to spend only 48 hours in Berlin. There are dozens of activities to choose from, each one better than the last. Some are seasonal, some are weather-dependent, some are strenuous, and some might make you fat. ContentsWhen to Visit BerlinDay OneWatch the Kitesurfers Tempelhofer FeldIndulge on …

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  • 4 February

    Ending Up at Ao Nang Beach in Krabi was a Shock

    Ending Up at Ao Nang Beach in Krabi was a Shock 6

    I’d always heard the famous spots in southern Thailand were overcrowded, overpriced and not worth it. Thus, I was surprised at how much I fell in love with Ao Nang Beach when I accidentally ended up there when I flew to Krabi. ContentsHow I Ended Up at Ao Nang BeachGreat Accommodations in Ao NangSleeper HostelPop In HostelWhere to Eat in …

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  • 1 February

    5 Reasons Why Tesalate Makes the Best Travel Towel

    Selfie with the Best Travel Towel - Tesalate

    I’m constantly on the lookout for the best travel gear to use. When it comes to the best travel towel, Tesalate towels are the clear winner. I’m still traveling with the same microfiber towel I purchased over five years ago before I left the US. I’ve left it behind a couple times and had to retrieve it, but otherwise, it …

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January, 2020

  • 29 January

    How to Spend 48 Hours with the Bordeaux CityPass

    Bordeaux CityPass

    If you’re planning to spend 48 or 72 hours in Bordeaux, there are several reasons you should get the Bordeaux CityPass. Sometimes there’s a question of whether a city card is a good value. Of all the cards I’ve used around the world, Bordeaux has one of the best. ContentsWhy BordeauxWhat You Get with the Bordeaux CityPassFree Public TransportationFree Tour …

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  • 26 January

    What a Bordeaux Wine Workshop is Really Like

    What a Bordeaux Wine Workshop is Really Like 7

    I say I only drink when I have to. When I get invited to a Bordeaux wine workshop, I have to drink. Bordeaux produces many of the best wines in the world, after all. ContentsBordeaux’s Wine ProductionTaking the Wine Workshop as a Newbie5 Wines to SampleChateau Haut-Bergey 2016 – Pessac-Leognan WineChateau Fonroque 2014 – Saint-EmilionBaron de Brane 2014 – MargauxLes …

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  • 23 January

    Getting a Little Loony at Edinburgh’s Loony Dook

    Selfie at Loony Dook 2020 #3

    Edinburgh’s Loony Dook is one of the craziest activities I’ve participated in, and one of the most exhilarating! In a nutshell, I jumped into the North Sea with hundreds of other revelers to wash away the previous year and get ready for the New Year. ContentsHow Loony Dook StartedA Day at the BeachCostumes GaloreOther Locations for Loony DookClick to Pin …

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  • 18 January

    Budget Travel Guide: How Expensive is Berlin on a Budget?

    Berlin Cathedral (Berlin on a Budget)

    Back in 2016, I spent a week exploring Berlin on a budget without really knowing what I should be doing there. I had originally planned to go to Hamburg and only changed my plans at the last second. Now I’ve gone back for the holiday season, once again without a plan. ContentsGetting to BerlinWhere to Sleep in BerlinCheck In HotelHostel …

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  • 12 January

    How 48 Hours in Hamburg Made it My Favorite German City

    Hamburg City Hall

    I’m going to start this one off by saying that 48 hours in Hamburg isn’t nearly enough time. When I was originally looking at what there was to do in the city, I didn’t think there would be a single day worth of activities. Now I want to go back for a month! ContentsGetting to HamburgAccommodationsSuperbude Hotel and HostelFoodBok RestaurantOtto’s …

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  • 7 January

    The Dinosaur Giant Lanterns at the Edinburgh Zoo Aren’t Just for Kids

    Dinosaur Great Lanterns

    To complete my Edinburgh Hogmanay celebration, I went to see the giant lanterns at the Edinburgh zoo. While the lanterns might have been made for kids, I was fascinated by them. Sadly the dinosaur giant lanterns are only around until the end of January, but there will be more lanterns at the Edinburgh zoo next year. ContentsAbout the Giant LanternsWalking …

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  • 4 January

    Where to Find the Best Coffee on Your Travels

    Brew Lab Artisan Roast Coffee

    Coffee is like a food lover’s football. It’s a universal language across the globe, and we’ve yet to find a location that doesn’t have its share of coffee connoisseurs. For travelers, coffee is an excellent way to break the ice and meet new people. For culinary enthusiasts, coffee will give you a unique taste on a staple drink. No matter …

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  • 2 January

    End of the Year Report and Plans for 2020

    Plans for 2020

    As I ring in the New Year with the Edinburgh Hogmanay Celebration, I’m well into my plans for 2020. This past year was interesting, to say the least. This next one is pure excitement and I have so much already worked out. ContentsWrapping Up 2019New Year’s ResolutionsPlans for 2020New VenturesUpdate Wrapping Up 2019 2019 was my fifth year of traveling …

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December, 2019

  • 29 December

    Visiting Vianden Castle from Luxembourg City

    Vianden Castle 16x9

    If you’re planning to visit Vianden Castle during your journey to Luxembourg, here’s a guide on how to get there and what to expect. Luxembourg isn’t a country that shoves its tourism in your face, and you won’t see hundreds of tours leaving to Vianden Castle from Luxembourg City, so this guide is quite useful. Luxembourg isn’t a big country …

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  • 21 December

    6 Interesting Facts About Luxembourg I Learned While Visiting

    Luxembourg Reflection

    I learned some really interesting and unexpected facts about Luxembourg when I visited to see the Christmas markets this year. Even though it’s located in western Europe, it had a lot of its own characteristics which set it apart from neighboring countries. Here are some of the things you can expect when you visit Luxembourg yourself. ContentsLuxembourg is Very ExpensivePublic …

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  • 18 December

    A Review of Miniatur Wunderland – The World’s Largest Model Railway

    Kuffingen at Miniatur Wunderland

    Can you imagine a model railway with 10 miles of track? That’s just what Miniatur Wunderland has in Hamburg, Germany…along with over a third of an acre of miniature model cities from around the world. Contents20 Years in the MakingTraveling Through 9 RegionsItalyVeniceSwitzerlandCentral Germany and KnuffingenAustriaKnuffingen AirportHamburgUnited StatesScandinaviaAttention to DetailEnjoying Miniatur Wunderland Day and NightFinding the Pink LettersPlans for the …

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  • 15 December

    A Guide to Visiting Luxembourg on a Budget

    Luxembourg on a Budget

    I had no idea that visiting Luxembourg on a budget would be so hard when I booked my flights there to see the Christmas markets. It wasn’t until afterward that I learned it’s one of the five most expensive countries in the world! ContentsWhy Travel to LuxembourgBudget AccommodationsFree Public TransportThe Easy Way to EatAwesome AttractionsChristmas MarketsThe TwentyTour Free Walking TourLuxembourg …

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  • 12 December

    My 10 Favorite Non-Alcoholic Drinks Around the World

    Selfie with Mint Tea

    You probably know by now that I’m not a big drinker. I say I drink when I have to, and that’s not often. Thus, I’m always on the lookout for the best non-alcoholic drinks around the world to enjoy when I’m traveling. ContentsSmoothies and JuicesThird Wave CoffeeKombuchaIndian ChaiThai TeaMexican HorchataMoroccan Mint TeaVietnamese Egg CoffeeMalaysian Iced ChamKompotBonus: My Special DrinkOne More …

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  • 9 December

    Learning About German Cuisine on the Secret Food Tour in Berlin

    Schnitzel on the Secret Food Tour in Berlin

    What food comes to mind when you think of German cuisine? Sausages? Kebabs? Beer? The truth is that, just like most countries, German cuisine varies by region and city. Recently, I did the Secret Food Tour in Berlin and discovered several of the amazing restaurants and dishes served in Germany’s capital. Please note, this article is not a substitute for …

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  • 5 December

    Finding My Favorite Christmas Markets in Cologne, Germany

    Selfie with Sausage at Chirstmas Market in Cologne

    I’ve always heard that Germany had the best Christmas markets. Now that I’ve seen the Christmas markets in Cologne, I fully agree. Christmas markets started in the Holy Roman Empire, which was the German-speaking portion of Europe in the Middle Ages. The tradition has carried into the present and has spread across the world. For example, in 2000, 41 German …

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  • 2 December

    Reviewing the Only Harry Potter Bistro Bus Tour in Edinburgh

    Selfie on the Red Bus Bistro Harry Potter Tour

    What do you get when you combine a Harry Potter Tour, a bus tour of Edinburgh and an Italian dinner? The Harry Potter Bistro Bus Tour, of course. Last year I went on the Red Bus Bistro Burger Tour with my dad. This year I wanted to do it again, but I found the tour had been replaced. I certainly …

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November, 2019

  • 30 November

    The Chocoversum in Hamburg is Better than Heaven

    Chocoversum Chocolate Museum in Hamburg

    I don’t know how anyone who loves chocolate as much as I do could visit Hamburg and not go to the Chocoversum unless they just didn’t know about it. I didn’t know about it myself until planning my trip there, Now that I’ve been, I can say it’s one of my favorite activities in all of my travels around the …

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  • 27 November

    Which Christmas Market in Luxembourg City is the Best

    Luxembourg City Christmas Market

    To get the holiday season started, I decided to visit the Christmas market in Luxembourg City first. It was my first time in Luxembourg and I didn’t really know what to expect. I certainly didn’t think I’d find three Christmas markets in such a small city. ContentsPlace d’Armes Christmas MarketPlace Guillaume II (Kneudler Square) Christmas MarketConstitution Square Christmas MarketSome Observations …

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  • 14 November

    My Good and Bad Adventures Riding Flixbus in Europe

    Selfie with Flixbus in London

    When I first arrived in Europe back in 2015, I was quickly introduced to Megabus. It immediately became my favorite way to get around. A few months later, all the routes outside the UK were bought out by Flixbus. If you’re traveling on a budget, using Flixbus in Europe is your best choice. ContentsCheapest Bus Tickets in EuropeComfort of the …

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October, 2019

  • 30 October

    Budget Travel Guide: Cyprus Isn’t Backpacker Friendly, But You Can Still Visit on a Budget

    Budget Travel Guide: Cyprus Isn't Backpacker Friendly, But You Can Still Visit on a Budget 10

    Budget travel in Cyprus is nearly impossible. It’s not that the country is particularly expensive – it’s more than the Balkans but cheaper than the Nordic countries. No, Cyprus just makes it really difficult to enjoy the country if you’re not rich and looking for a luxury vacation. Updated October 2019 ContentsTransportationFlights to CyprusInter-city BusesLocal BusesHitchhikingAccommodationsHostelsCouchsurfingAirbnbFoodGyro at Derlicious – LarnacaSample …

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  • 27 October

    A Worldpackers Review and 5 Reasons It’s Better Than Workaway

    Selfie with Berber Girl #1

    I’ve been volunteering since my second week of traveling, but I only recently found Worldpackers. I think it’s necessary that I write a Worldpackers review since, in my opinion, they’re so much better than Workaway, the earlier platform I had been using. Worldpackers was started in February 2014 by a team down in Brazil and has already grown to over …

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  • 19 October

    Adoring the Snow Leopards at the Highland Wildlife Park

    Tiger Eating Lunch at the Highland Wildlife Park

    The Highland Wildlife Park in the Cairngorm National Park of Scotland is the second attraction managed by the Royal Zoological Society of Scotland (RZSS). It’s where they breed and house those animals needing a wilder setting than a zoo in Edinburgh. ContentsDriving to the Highland Wildlife SanctuaryLunchtime for the Amur TigerAdorable Arctic FoxesScotland’s First Snow Leopard CubsDriving Through the Main …

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  • 7 October

    Exploring The Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Iceland

    Þórufoss Waterfall of the Game of Thrones Filming Locations in Iceland

    There are over a dozen Game of Thrones filming locations in Iceland! While the show is finished, you can still get a feel of what it might have been like north of the Wall, walking up to the Eyrie or even the countryside of Meereen. It’s actually amazing to see how diverse the landscape in Iceland can be, and how …

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September, 2019

  • 27 September

    Seeing the Penguins and Pandas at the Edinburgh Zoo for My Birthday

    Selfie with Penguins at the Edinburgh Zoo

    I love animals, so I can’t figure out why it took me so long to get to the zoo in Edinburgh. The Royal Zoological Society and Botanical Societies of Scotland are on the leading edge of conservation for the plants and animals of our planet, such as their work with the pandas at the Edinburgh Zoo. ContentsVisiting the Edinburgh Zoo …

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  • 22 September

    A Magical Day with Hiking, Gingerbread and Faeries in Grasmere

    Rydal Water in Grasmere

    This summer, I finally got a chance to visit the Lake District in England. While I spent time in several of the villages, Grasmere was by far my favorite, and not just because of their legendary gingerbread. Grasmere is just one of the dozens of picturesque English villages throughout the Lake District. Windermere is more popular and busier, particularly due …

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  • 18 September

    5 Ways to Stay Safe When You’re Traveling the World

    Selfie in Essaouira

    Knowing how to stay safe when you’re traveling is an important lesson I should have imparted a long time ago, as I get asked about it more than almost anything else. Bad conditions stem from two sources – people who mean to do you harm, and natural catastrophes. Here are a few ways to avoid the two. ContentsCheck the WeatherWear …

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  • 1 September

    Spending an Afternoon in Myanmar for My Thai Visa Run

    Selfie at Valentine Cafe in Tachileik, Myanmar

    There are several ways to make a visa run if you’re living in Chiang Mai. An afternoon in Myanmar is probably the cheapest and quickest. I found the culture in Myanmar fascinating, and I wish I had spent more than just a couple hours there. ContentsGetting to the Border from Chiang MaiExploring TachileikLunch at ValentineGetting My VisaPlans for the FutureClick …

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August, 2019

  • 28 August

    Hostel Workaways in Scotland: Mostly Great Volunteer Jobs

    Selfie Cleaning at the Code Court Pod Hostel

    My Workaways in Scotland helping at different hostels have been some of my favorite volunteer jobs around the world. There have been a couple of rather interesting experiences, but overall it’s been a joy to volunteer in my favorite country. ContentsWhy Do I Volunteer to Work in Hostels?Malones HostelThe Code Court Pod HostelOther Great Workaways in ScotlandSwitching to WorldPackersClick to …

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  • 22 August

    Discovering the Outlander Filming Locations Near Edinburgh

    Rabbies Outlander Filming Locations Tour

    In the movie world, Scotland is most famous as the setting of Harry Potter, but recently the Outlander filming locations have become increasingly popular. I love Scotland, and I’m a big believer in magic. Thus, how could I not love a series about using the magic of the standing stones found throughout the country? However, I do have a confession …

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  • 17 August

    My Workaway in France – A Story of Worst Case Scenario

    Chateau at My Workaway in France.jpg

    It’s been well over four years since my first Workaway experience in Brussels, but it was the next one – my Workaway in France – that will forever live in my memory as an example of just how bad a volunteer job can get. After I left, I wrote a basic story about my time in Touzac, France, but I …

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  • 13 August

    An Honest Review of the Whisky, Warriors and Waterfalls Tour with Haggis Adventures

    Haggis Adventures Whisky, Warriors and Waterfalls Tour

    What do whisky, warriors and waterfalls have in common? They’re all in Scotland, and you can see them with a Haggis Adventures tour! It’s no secret that Scotland is my favorite country, and I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of road trips and bus tours here, even to places I’ve already been. What really surprised me is that Haggis …

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  • 7 August

    What Makes Hotels in Edinburgh So Special and Unique

    Nira Caledonia Hotel Edinburgh

    If you’re looking for a truly special experience for your accommodations, the hotels in Edinburgh will blow you away. Many places in the world have unique characteristics to their hotels and other forms of lodging, but Edinburgh stands out as one of my favorites. ContentsBuilding in a UNESCO World Heritage CityRestoring an Old HotelStaying at the Nira Caledonia HotelClick to …

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July, 2019

  • 31 July

    5 Things I Loved About Visiting Trento, Italy

    View of Trento from Funicular

    I got to visit Trento, Italy with the Traverse Conference in June 2019. Previously, I’d only been as far north as Verona, which was and still is my favorite city to travel to in Italy. Trento isn’t far behind though and has some real gems. ContentsWhere is Trento?The Perfect LandscapeReal Italian PizzaAwesome Event VenuesMore GelatoThe Gorge of Ponte AltoReturning to …

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  • 28 July

    Discovering the Beauty of Haarlem with Hello I’m Local Hostel

    Hello I'm Local Hostel on the Radio

    No, the title doesn’t have a typo. Haarlem, Netherlands is where the New York neighborhood gets its name from, and it’s a quintessential Dutch town to visit when you’re in the Netherlands. When you visit, the best to stay is at the Hello I’m Local Hostel. I can’t say enough about my two days there! ContentsWhy Visit HaarlemHello I’m Local …

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  • 19 July

    Reminiscing on My First Day of Travel Abroad Without a Plan

    Selfie at Big Ben #3

    It’s been many years since my first day of travel but still feels like yesterday. All I had was a one-way ticket from Los Angeles to London. Nothing else was planned. I only knew that I wanted to travel the world. Originally I planned to travel for 10 years and then reassess my life. It wasn’t long before that changed …

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  • 9 July

    The Culture Campsite is the Best Glamping Airbnb in Rotterdam

    Culture Camptsite

    If you plan to use Airbnb in Rotterdam, there are plenty of awesome choices. You can sleep in the Cube Houses, on a boat or even in a windmill. But I think the best is the Culture Campsite. ContentsArchitecture in RotterdamWhat is the Culture CampsiteExploring the CampgroundBooking the Culture CampsiteClick to Pin ItFurther Reading Architecture in Rotterdam I like to …

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June, 2019

  • 30 June

    Finding Beauty on a Weekend Road Trip Through Switzerland

    Obenhofer Castle in Switzerland

    I had a last-minute change of plans this spring when I decided to go to Italy instead of straight to the Netherlands. Thus, it was a pleasant surprise for me to get offered an extreme last-minute road trip through Switzerland with a friend. ContentsStarting from Milan Airport with a Rental CarPreparing for a Road Trip Through SwitzerlandMeeting GobiThe Road to …

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  • 22 June

    A Backpacker’s Guide to Spending 48 Hours in Abu Dhabi During Ramadan

    Abu Dhabi at Sunset

    The United Arab Emirates is not a backpacker-friendly country, and just 48 hours in Abu Dhabi can cost you a fortune. It was quite a challenge to stick to a budget, but I succeeded, mostly. Here are some tips and tricks I picked up during my second visit to Abu Dhabi, and how visiting during Ramadan affected my trip. ContentsDon’t …

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  • 18 June

    Riva del Garda: Finding a Good Time on the Shores of Lago di Garda

    Riva del Garda

    If you’re visiting Verona or Trento and want to get out of the city for some relaxation, allow me to suggest Riva del Garda on the northern shore of Lago di Garda. This old village has a few spots to explore, but more importantly offers a chance to just slow down and enjoy the view. ContentsGetting to Riva del GardaClimbing …

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  • 11 June

    An Honest Review of the Verona Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour

    Verona Hop On, Hop Off Bus Tour at Castle Vecchio

    Verona is my favorite city in Italy. With dozens of attractions to see and buckets of information to gather, it can seem overwhelming to explore. The Verona Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus Tour is a great way to get started. Contents4 Reasons to Choose a Hop-On, Hop-Off Bus TourPerfect for a Rainy (or Hot) DayA Saving Grace for Those With Decreased MobilityGood …

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  • 5 June

    A One-Week Backpacker’s Guide to Northern Laos for a Visa Run

    Patuxai Arch in Vientiane, Northern Laos

    Twice now, I’ve done a visa run through northern Laos. Each time, I’ve seen several attractions and skipped even more. Here’s the best way to spend a week in northern Laos, whether you’re going for a visa run or just want to see the highlights. ContentsEntry Through Huay XaiSlow Boat to Luang PrabangThe Gibbon ExperienceLuang PrabangAlms Giving CeremonyMount Phousi for …

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May, 2019

  • 27 May

    A Complete Guide to Buddha Park – Vientiane’s Best Attraction

    The Buddha Park in Vientiane, Laos

    I still can’t get over the Buddha Park in Laos. Not because of how amazing it is, but because it’s the last thing I expected to see in the country. I grew up thinking of communist countries having no religion. Why? Because John Lennon said so. I think I had some other friends confirm that. Then again, one rule of …

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  • 16 May

    The Blue Lagoon in Laos is Nothing Like the One in Iceland

    The Blue Lagoon in Laos

    My expectations for the Blue Lagoon in Laos might have been a little high, considering I was thinking of the attraction in Iceland with the same name. There are actually three lagoons in Vang Vieng, Laos which are (sometimes…kinda…not really) blue, but the similarities end there. ContentsA Short History of Vang ViengVisiting the Blue Lagoon in LaosPhu Kham CaveLunch at …

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  • 5 May

    The UXO Museum Showed Me How the US Destroyed Laos

    UXO Museum Warheads

    Laos is the most bombed country in the world per capita. The horrific story behind this and its ramifications are found at the UXO Museum in Luang Prabang. ContentsWhat is the UXO MuseumVisiting the UXO Museum in Luang PrabangFixing the ProblemQuick FactsA Visual Tour of the UXO MuseumClick to Pin ItFurther Reading What is the UXO Museum UXO stands for …

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April, 2019

  • 27 April

    A Full Itinerary for a Day at the Kuang Si Waterfalls

    Selfie at the Kuang Si Watrefalls

    After you take the Slow Boat to Luang Prabang, the first activity you should do is the Kuang Si Waterfalls. But Kuang Si is more than just the waterfalls, and some of the tours only give you two hours there. How do you make the most of your time on your visit? I went two times. The first time, I …

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  • 21 April

    The Ultimate Guide to the Slow Boat in Laos

    Slow Boat to Laos

    The Slow Boat in Laos refers to the river taxi that runs from the border of Thailand to Luang Prabang, the old capital of Laos until 1975. Here’s a complete guide for the tour, whether you book with an agency or purchase every step on your own. I originally went down the slow boat back in 2017 as one of …

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  • 15 April

    What an Authentic Hammam for Men in Marrakech is Really Like

    Hammam Mouassine Entrance

    Before I went to Morocco, I had no idea what a hammam was, let alone whether I should try a hammam for men in Marrakech. ContentsWhat is a Hammam for MenGetting an (Almost) Authentic Hammam in MarrakechClick to Pin ItFurther Reading What is a Hammam for Men I confess I may have thought of a Muslim harem when someone first …

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  • 3 April

    A Day in Baandam – Thailand’s Ultra-Eccentric Black House Museum

    Black House Museum

    Most people head to Chiang Rai to see the White Temple or perhaps the Blue Temple, but I think the Black House Museum is the best attraction there. ContentsWhat is The Black House MuseumA Visual Tour of the Black House MuseumVisiting the Black House MuseumClick to Pin It!Further Reading What is The Black House Museum In Thai, baan means house …

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March, 2019

  • 16 March

    5 Ways to Skip the Massive Crowds at the White Temple in Chiang Rai

    White Temple in Chiang Rai

    Wat Rong Khun, also known as the White Temple in Chiang Rai, is the city’s most popular attraction and one of the most beautiful temples in the world. As such, the endless stream of tourists passing through the temple can become a little uncomfortable, and getting a photo without anyone in it is nearly impossible. Here are a few tricks …

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  • 13 March

    The Pros and Cons of Being an Expat in Chiang Mai

    Working in Panyaiyan Cafe

    The first time I came to Chiang Mai in November 2015, I was following a bunch of bloggers who attended TBEX Bangkok with me. I immediately fell in love with the northern capital of Thailand and resolved to make it my winter home base as much as possible. This is now my third time living as an expat in Chiang …

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  • 10 March

    My Two Weeks Exploring Kuala Lumpur on a Budget

    Kuala Lumpur Petronas Towers

    Kuala Lumpur was one of the last countries I visited in 2015. I went for two weeks to help at a hostel as a volunteer through Workaway. After my fast-paced travels through Europe in the summer, it’s been nice to slow down in SE Asia and take my time in cities. Somehow my two weeks in Kuala Lumpur still went …

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  • 7 March

    An Honest Review of Mobike Rentals in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Mobike in Chiang Mai

    Not long ago, a new bike rental service opened up in Chiang Mai. Rather than renting from a store, you can now unlock bikes with the Mobike app. They’re cheap, they’re available all over the city, and they’re ready to break down at any moment. Here’s my review on the pros and cons of the Chiang Mai Mobike. ContentsDirt Cheap …

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February, 2019

  • 26 February

    The Real Reason I Don’t Want to Visit Kuala Lumpur Again

    I Love KL Sign (Visit Kuala Lumpur)

    I don’t like Kuala Lumpur. I hate to say it, but it’s true. I almost always try to focus on the positive side of my travels, but I also have the responsibility of giving an honest report of things, although I do try not to sound too negative; there’s another profession that does that. So while this is a post …

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  • 23 February

    The Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur Are Better Than They Look Online

    The Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur Are Better Than They Look Online 15

    The Batu Caves in Kuala Lumpur, Malasia are the most popular Hindu shrines outside of India. They have a level of beauty and wonder on par with Pandora from Avatar, and the macaque monkey population makes the experience truly memorable. Kuala Lumpur’s key attractions are centered in the downtown area. The Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower are easily …

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  • 20 February

    Visiting the Water Puppet Show and Other Unique Attractions in Hanoi

    Water Puppet Show #1

    During my week in Vietnam this year, I only made it to a couple of the main attractions in Hanoi. While the Street Food Tour and Halong Bay were the highlights of my visit, the other attractions I saw were really interesting. As one of the last five communist countries in the world, Vietnam has a really interesting culture, and …

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  • 17 February

    Observing Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur

    Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur

    I wanted to write about what it was like to celebrate Chinese New Year in Kuala Lumpur, but there aren’t actually that many activities which could be termed celebrations. So this is simply the story of observing Chinese New Year, including both definitions of “observe” – upholding a tradition and watching from a distance. After my visit, I talked with …

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  • 5 February

    Finding My Favorite Meals and Restaurants in Hanoi, Vietnam

    Selfie Eating Pho on Street Food Tour in Hanoi

    One of my main reasons for traveling the world is trying different dishes, and discovering beautiful cafes and restaurants. Although I’m usually a big fan of the food in SE Asia, there have been a few places where I struggled to find a dish that I liked, or quality food that I didn’t think would give me a bad stomach. …

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January, 2019

  • 27 January

    Celebrating New Year’s in Vietnam Wasn’t What I Expected

    Seflie on Plane to Vietnam

    Last year, I decided to visit Vietnam for the end of the year, partially because my 30-day visa into Thailand was expiring and because I was hoping to see some good fireworks. Without a lot of research about what to do for my first trip to Vietnam, I flew into the Vietnamese capital on the 31st from Bangkok. While there …

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  • 15 January

    Finding the Best Hostels in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Selfie at Tangmo House, One of the Best Hostels in Chiang Mai

    Chiang Mai is my winter home base. I usually rent a condo here, but I’ve also stayed in over a dozen hostels all around town. Here’s my list of the best hostels in Chiang Mai. ContentsCriteria for the Best Hostels in Chiang MaiLocationPriceFacilities and AmenitiesStaffTangmo House Hostel – My Favorite Hostel in Chiang MaiBebeez Cafe and Guesthouse – The Best …

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  • 12 January

    Exploring Halong Bay: One of the New Seven Wonders of Nature

    Selfie on Dau Go Island

    If you’re visiting Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, you have to see Halong Bay. That’s just a given. It’s one of the New Seven Wonders of Nature and a UNESCO World Heritage Site after all. Before I flew into Vietnam, I had done a little research on what to see, but the top attractions didn’t stick in my memory. It …

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  • 9 January

    Pho and Egg Coffee on the Old Quarter Street Food Tour in Hanoi with Lan

    Street Food Tour in Hanoi

    Do you like Vietnamese food? Have you got a favorite dish? I was never a big fan, even after I arrived in Vietnam. Then I did the old quarter street food tour in Hanoi and now I’m hooked. I booked the Hanoi Old Quarter Street Food Walking Tour with Trazy. The tour guide Lan met my travel companion and me …

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December, 2018

  • 19 December

    Seeing Dundee’s Facelift at the V&A Dundee and Sleeperz Hotel

    Seeing Dundee's Facelift at the V&A Dundee and Sleeperz Hotel 17

    I never actually wrote about my two weeks in 2016 when I was in Dundee and had my first housesit. At the time, my body was a bit worse for wear and I didn’t really have a chance to explore the city. I’m glad to have made it back this year for a couple days to see all the changes. …

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  • 16 December

    A Comprehensive Guide to Spending 48 Hours on the Isle of Skye

    Selfie at the Fairy Glen

    Simply put, the Isle of Skye is my favorite place on Earth. With scenery that’s literally out of this world, I believe everyone must spend at least 48 hours on the Isle of Skye at least once. Most locals on the Isle of Skye will tell you it’s impossible to appreciate the island in just a day or two. Then …

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  • 13 December

    Thailand Transportation: Riding the Bus from Krabi to Bangkok

    Krabi Beach with Boats

    Would you take the 13-hour bus ride from Krabi to Bangkok? I did, and it wasn’t that bad. Here’s my experience, and some things I learned along the way. ContentsTraveling Around ThailandGetting a Bus in KrabiGetting to the Bus StationTraveling on a Songserm BusSteps for Getting the Bus from Krabi to BangkokClick to Pin It!Further Reading Traveling Around Thailand It’s …

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  • 10 December

    The Ultimate Backpacker’s Guide to St Andrews, Scotland

    St Andrews Cathedral

    St Andrews is a beautiful coastal village about an hour and a half north of Edinburgh. If you’ve had your fill of the big city and want to see what a smaller Scottish village looks like, or perhaps you just really like golf, St Andrews is the place for you. As part of the Kingdom of Fife, (which you can …

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  • 7 December

    A Complete Guide to Visiting Marrakech on a Budget

    Selfie Traveling to Marrakech

    Morocco is one of those countries that’s inherently cheap, but it’s also easy to go broke there. During the 12 days of my first visit to Morocco, I resisted countless scams, fell victim to a couple of them, and generally learned how to get by on a minimal budget. Here are my tips for traveling to Marrakech on a budget. …

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November, 2018

  • 26 November

    A Fantastic African Desert Safari at the Merzouga Luxury Desert Camp

    4x4 Ride on the African Desert Safari #1

    Of all the excursions available from Marrakech in Morocco, I’d recommend the African desert safari above all others. You probably think of lions and giraffes when I mention an African desert safari. Those are popular…in the southern part of Africa. The Sahara is in the north. What can you do in a giant desert? For starters, have the best day …

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  • 19 November

    Marrakech Excursions: A Day Trip to the Coastal Town of Essaouira, Morocco

    Essaouira Boats

    When I booked a tour to Essaouira in Morocco, I’m ashamed to say that I actually knew nothing about it or if there was anything special. Well, let me tell you there certainly is lots to see there. Morocco is my 47th country, but actually my first country in Africa! After a long adventure flying into Rabat and getting a …

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  • 15 November

    How Easy and Hard Getting Into Morocco Was for Me

    Getting Into Morocco (On Camels)

    I figured I’d tell my story about getting into Morocco, my first country in Africa. Perhaps it’s not the best guide, but it gives an idea of what to expect, how cheap it can be, what to avoid and a few tips. ContentsFinding a Plane Ticket to MoroccoGetting from Rabat to MarrakechArriving in MoroccoArriving in MarrakechSummaryClick to Pin It!Further Reading …

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  • 12 November

    London Food Tour: Learning All About the British Cuisine

    Ella Delivering the London Food Tour

    A friend once asked me what my favorite cuisine was. Without hesitation, I answered “British.” “That’s not a real cuisine,” he said. I beg to differ. England certainly has its own dishes, and a London food tour is the perfect way to learn about them. I won’t bother listing out every dish in the British cuisine. They’re already listed on …

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  • 7 November

    Discovering the Musicals of London’s West End

    Wicked Stage at the Apollo Theater in London's West End

    What are the attractions you first think of when London is mentioned? Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and the London Eye are probably some of the first. The truth is that London is simply massive, and there are thousands of things to do, many of which are too often overlooked. The musicals in the West End were like that …

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  • 3 November

    My Failed Attempt to Hike the 96-Mile West Highland Way

    Skye Class on the West Highland Way

    Hiking the West Highland Way has been on my bucket list since I first learned about it in 2015. I had a failed attempt to hike the Way in 2016, and I’m sad to say I have another failure to add to the list this year. So what went wrong? First of all, let me just say that I should …

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October, 2018

  • 22 October

    12 of My Favorite Activities in Rotterdam – A Better City Than Amsterdam

    Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam

    Most tourists flock to Amsterdam when they go to the Netherlands. If only they knew how many great activities there are in Rotterdam. Since my first visit to Rotterdam with Traverse earlier this year, I’ve returned four times, and I’d love to actually live there for a few months someday. Amsterdam might have a red light district, Anne Frank’s House …

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  • 10 October

    How Three Years of Traveling Changed My Opinion of Ghent

    My Opinions of Ghent

    Ghent was one of the first cities I visited in my travels. Dozens of countries and hundreds of cities later, I went back to see if it was as magical as I remembered. Here’s how my opinion of Ghent changed over the years. I arrived in Ghent with Dee shortly before sunset on a bus from Rotterdam. We were headed …

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  • 5 October

    Hostel ROOM: The Best Place to Stay in Rotterdam for a Weekend Break

    Hostel ROOM Common Room

    When I was first looking for where to stay in Rotterdam, I ended up Couchsurfing. Then I found Hostel ROOM. After nearly four years on the road traveling the world, I have very few reservations about staying in a hostel. Others aren’t always as open to the idea of these shared accommodations. For those, Hostel ROOM is the perfect place …

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September, 2018

  • 30 September

    Discovering the Wellness Side of the Czech Republic at the Svata Katerina Resort

    Svata Katerina Sunset

    The Svata Katerina Resort possibly seems out of place in the country that has the highest beer consumption per capita in the world. But when you factor in that the Czech Republic also has some of the best spas in Europe, it totally makes sense. It also made sense that I had to visit the spa myself while I was …

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  • 14 September

    What is Ayurvedic Massage and How Does it Compare to Other Massages?

    Selfie Getting Ayurvedic Massage

    What is Ayurvedic Massage? That’s the question I had when I went to the Svata Katerina Resort in the Czech Republic to try their Ayurvedic Rejuvenation Program. In a nutshell, it’s a great treatment but it might not be for everyone. Disclaimer: I am not a practitioner of Ayurvedic Massage, nor have I officially studied it. I write this from an …

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  • 8 September

    Excursions from Ostrava: Unleashing the Inner Child at Heipark

    Selfie on the Mechanical Bull at Heipark

    Would you build an artificial, giant hill with a fun park just for your two kids? I certainly would! That’s just what a guy did near Ostrava, Czech Republic and now Heipark is open to the public. ContentsWhat is HeiparkOther Attractions in the Kravařsko RegionKunín ChateauWesselsky WatermillSummaryPin It!Further Reading What is Heipark I’m still trying to wrap my head around …

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August, 2018

  • 29 August

    Hiking, Golf, Edible Ears and Great Food in the Beskid Mountains

    Selfie in Beskydy Mountains

    For some reason, when I was first offered a trip to the Beskid Mountains, I had the hardest time committing the name to memory. Now that I’ve visited, I’ll never forget it, nor how beautiful they were. The Beskydy Mountains (as they’re called in the Czech Republic) start in the southeast corner of the Czech Republic and stretch nearly 400 …

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  • 21 August

    Riding the Most Delicious Tour in Edinburgh on the Red Bus Bistro

    Selfie with Red Bus Bistro Burger Tour

    Edinburgh is a city small enough to easily explore by foot. That doesn’t mean it always should be. For one thing, Edinburgh is known for its rainy climate. As such, getting a bus tour of Edinburgh can be really fun. Then again, so can eating the local food. Good thing you can do both on the Red Bus Bistro. Edinburgh …

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  • 17 August

    Excursions from Ostrava: Exploring the Jeseniky Mountains

    Selfie in the Jeseniky Mountains

    Are you planning a trip to Ostrava and looking for things to do? Perhaps you could consider visiting the Jeseniky Mountains. If you like nature, hiking, adventurous activities or sunbathing on the shores of a lake, the Jeseniky Mountains will be perfect for you. The Jeseniky Mountains are a little over 60 miles northwest of Ostrava near the Polish border and …

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  • 11 August

    The Ultimate Traveler’s Guide to Ostrava, Czech Republic

    Selfie in Ostrava

    Hardly anyone ever thinks of Ostrava when they think of visiting the Czech Republic. Most people head to Prague, and some also make it to the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Cesky Krumlov, but the east side of the country holds some true gems. Central to these is the city of Ostrava, third-largest in the country after Prague and Brno. …

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  • 7 August

    The Colours of Ostrava is So Much More than a Music Festival

    Colours of Ostrava Group Photo

    The Colours of Ostrava Music Festival. I’d never even heard of it before I was invited to attend the TBEX (Travel Blogger Exchange) Conference in Ostrava, Czech Republic. Of course, I was familiar with Sziget, Tomorrowland, Exit, Pinkpop and the other major music festivals in Europe. Why hadn’t I heard of Colours of Ostrava?! Now that I’ve attended, I can …

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July, 2018

  • 15 July

    A Day of Adventures with Nevis Range in Fort William, Scotland

    Selfie at Nevis Range with Ben Nevis

    The West Highland Way in Scotland ends in the coastal village of Fort William. While there’s not a ton to do in town, the Nevis Range Mountain Experience a couple miles outside of town offers some activities such as skiing in the winter, mountain biking in the summer and a treetop rope course. I went there to spend the day …

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  • 3 July

    How to Visit Kinderdijk, My Favorite Dutch UNESCO Site

    Selfie at Kinderdijk

    I didn’t even know about UNESCO World Heritage Sites before I started traveling. Now I want to see them all. Out of the 10 in the Netherlands, I was told to visit Kinderdijk first as it was the most beautiful. They were right. I’ve since been back a dozen times, and I’ll never get tired of how beautiful it is. …

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June, 2018

  • 27 June

    Getting Back to My Family Roots in Rotterdam, Netherlands

    Erasmus Bridge Rotterdam

    My grandfather’s autobiography starts off with the lines: “Rotterdam, Friday, May 10 1940. Suddenly I was awake. It sounded like a series of explosions not far away. Or it could be defense exercises of the Dutch Army, I thought.” I’m a first-generation American on my dad’s side and second on my mother’s side. Her parents were both born in the …

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  • 22 June

    Is Dutch Chocolate Better Than Belgian Chocolate?

    Chocolate Belgian Waffle at Chocolate Company

    I love chocolate, but I didn’t really experience truly amazing chocolate until I came to Europe. I try not to indulge too much. On the other hand, when I get invited to a Dutch chocolate tasting, I indulge away! ContentsBelgian vs Dutch ChocolateChocolate Company Rotterdam SamplingClick to Pin It!Further Reading Belgian vs Dutch Chocolate I’ll never forget the day I …

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  • 10 June

    Bringing Out My Inner Child At the Efteling Amusement Park

    Selfie with Character in Efteling

    I love amusement parks. I first went to Disneyland when I was a year old, and I’ve been hooked ever since. Before planning my trip to the Netherlands this summer, I’d never heard of the Efteling Amusement Park. Of course, I had to go when I learned about it. Now I can’t wait to go again! ContentsWhat is Efteling?How to …

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  • 4 June

    I Ate Too Much Good Food on the Food Tour in Krakow

    Pierogi at At Dorota

    Have you ever tried Polish food? Pierogi, kielbasa, żurek…there are so many great dishes to learn about on a food tour in Krakow. But what are those dishes? I knew a few of them from my earlier visit to Poland, and others were new. Since my first year backpacking, I’ve loved eastern European foods. One thing was for sure, everything …

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May, 2018

  • 31 May

    What It’s Like to Take the Hogwarts Express in Scotland

    Selfie with Hogwarts Express

    Are you a Harry Potter fan? I certainly am, even though I have only read the books once. I’m also that guy who loves seeing filming locations in real life. Of all the Harry Potter places I’ve been to, the Hogwarts Express was the best. ContentsLearning About the Hogwarts ExpressRiding the Hogwarts Express with Grayline ScotlandA Word of WarningBooking the …

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  • 26 May

    13 Reasons Why a Week in Krakow Made It One of My Favorite Cities

    Krakow Revisited

    Spending a week in Krakow simply isn’t enough time. The first time I went, I spent two weeks, but I was on a tight budget, burnt out after too much travel, and spent most of my time catching up on writing stories at the hostel. Then I went back for a week of non-stop activities, amazing food and fun. Now …

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  • 19 May

    Exploring Krakow by Bike with the Cruising Krakow Bike Tour

    Cruising Krakow Bike Tour

    I love bike riding, and I love Krakow. That’s why I was more than happy to take the Krakow Bike Tour with the Cruising Krakow. Sure, you can rent bikes all over town. But only Cruising Krakow has Brian, the Canadian tour guide who’s been giving bike tours for 13 years and knows Krakow like the back of his hand. …

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  • 8 May

    10 Cool Things I Learned About the Wieliczka Salt Mine in Krakow

    Salt Mine in Krakow

    The first time I visited Poland, I was on a fairly tight budget. I decided to pick just one of the tours available and went with Auschwitz. This year I revisited the city and finally got to see the salt mine in Krakow. I was seriously impressed and can say I’d no idea what I missed on my first visit. After …

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  • 5 May

    Taking a Homemade Pierogi Class with Krakow Urban Adventures

    Homemade Pierogi Class

    On my first day in Krakow back in 2015, I lucked into the annual pierogi festival. Loosely defined as Polish dumplings, pierogi is a national dish of Poland, and one of my favorite. Thus, when I had the opportunity to take a homemade pierogi class during my Trablin conference, I leapt at the chance! ContentsUrban Adventures KrakowStary KleparzMaking it PersonalHomemade …

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April, 2018

  • 26 April

    Finding My Favorite Romanian Dishes on the Bucharest Food Tour

    Selfie with Bucharest Food Tour at Vatra

    As a food lover, sometimes it’s hard to choose my favorite cuisine, but Romanian food definitely stands out. When I had a chance to take the Delish Experiences Bucharest Food Tour, I was excited and definitely not disappointed. Here are the restaurants we ate at and the delicious meals we were served. ContentsVatra RestaurantConcerto Fine DiningOrigo CafeBook Your Delish Experiences Bucharest …

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  • 23 April

    Learning About Rennie Mackintosh at the Willow and the Kelvingrove

    Glasgow Art Club Rennie Mackintosh Gallery

    As part of the Visit Scotland Expo 2018, I was invited to learn about Charles Rennie Mackintosh, an avant-garde artist and architect behind Glasgow’s Art Deco revival at the turn of the 20th century. We visited the current exhibition at the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, the uber-exclusive Glasgow Art Club and the soon to be completed Mackintosh at the …

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  • 19 April

    Is a Day Tour from Edinburgh to Loch Ness Worth It?

    Selfie with Gray Line Tour Edinburgh to Loch Ness

    I’ve had a lot of guests in Edinburgh asking me if a day tour from Edinburgh to Loch Ness was worth it. Usually I would say that Loch Ness is too far to comfortably travel to in a day, but I’d never done it myself…until now. Thanks to a great trip with Gray Line Tours, I was able to find …

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  • 16 April

    Why I Love Taking Photos With My Samsung S8 Phone

    Selfie with Samsung S8 on Cannon in Karlskrona

    I take all my photos with my Samsung S8 phone when I travel, and I can’t recommend it enough for other travelers and bloggers. I can’t compare it to other phones since I only use the Samsung line, but I can say why I think it’s the best phone on the market (except maybe the new S9). PS: this is …

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March, 2018

  • 28 March

    8 Great Cafes and Restaurants in Edinburgh That I Frequent

    Cafe Class Cakes #2

    Eating out at restaurants in Edinburgh isn’t always part of my budget, especially when it’s the second most expensive city in the country (after London). Yet cooking every meal for myself in my flat gets dull and sometimes I need a meal out. Here are my favorite cafes and restaurants to visit near my home. ContentsMy Favorite CafesCastello CoffeeCafe ClassUnion …

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  • 19 March

    Edinburgh Excursions: Spending an Afternoon at Go Ape Peebles

    Selfie at Go Ape Peebles

    If you’re the really adventurous type and are looking for a great day trip from Edinburgh, follow in my footsteps to the Glentrees Forest an hour south of Edinburgh and enjoy the exhilarating treetop rope course at Go Ape Peebles. I had a chance to try out the zip-line at Go Ape Aberfoyle a couple years ago, but didn’t have …

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  • 9 March

    The Village Hotel in Edinburgh is So Much More Than a Hotel

    Village Hotel Bedroom

    Edinburgh has hundreds of hotels, B&Bs and hostels to choose from, and it can be overwhelming to find a good one. In my search to find where friends can stay during their visit to Edinburgh, I ran across the Village Hotel and Spa next to the prestigious Fettes College (think Hogwarts). Between a wonderfully comfortable room, great view, delicious Sunday …

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  • 3 March

    Escape Edinburgh: The Most Fun Activity in Edinburgh’s New Town

    Escape Edinburgh Selfie

    I don’t always make it to Edinburgh’s New Town. I find it a bit touristy and I prefer the cheaper part of town around the universities. However, there are some great attractions in the New Town. I recently found the happiest place at the Chihuahua Cafe, and now I’ve located the most fun place at Escape Edinburgh. ContentsWhat is an …

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February, 2018

  • 28 February

    Begin Your Journey in Scotland with a Secret Food Tour in Edinburgh

    Secret Food Tour in Edinburgh

    Do you like food as much as I do? Scottish food is one of my favorite cuisines, and I was absolutely thrilled when I found the Secret Food Tour in Edinburgh. If you’re planning to visit the capital of Scotland, I would have to recommend taking this tour as one of your first activities. ContentsWhy You Should Consider a Food …

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  • 23 February

    Finding the Best Ghost Tours in Edinburgh with Mercat Tours

    Mercat Ghost Tours in Edinburgh

    Edinburgh is the most haunted city in the world, and ghosts are some of the key attractions. Graveyards, bus tours, hired actors and vaults all play their part, but which ghost tours in Edinburgh are the best? I have a confession to make. I have not been on every ghost tour in Edinburgh. All told, there are over a dozen with …

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  • 20 February

    What the Da Vinci Code Didn’t Show You About Rosslyn Chapel

    Rosslyn Chapel

    Several miles south of Edinburgh sits the gorgeous Rosslyn Chapel, made famous by Ron Howard’s adaptation of Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code. While it is the scene of the movie’s climax, Howard hardly shows the true beauty and artwork of the 15th-century chapel. The history of the chapel is complicated and intriguing. It was originally constructed in 1446. The …

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  • 16 February

    How Not to Find the Right Train in Ukraine, and Other Mishaps

    Selfie Waiting for Bus in Ukraine

    To everyone looking for a comfortable, fast train in Ukraine, I’m happy to say a great option exists. Unfortunately, I did not manage to get on it myself. Here’s what happened to me, and how you can have better luck getting the right train. ContentsLanguage BarrierBuying the Wrong Train TicketConfusion at the Train StationRiding the BusHow to Get the Right …

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  • 13 February

    Locked In Edinburgh: Can You Escape From an Old Gin Distillery

    Locked In Edinburgh: Can You Escape From an Old Gin Distillery 33

    Whether you’re a local or a tourist in Edinburgh, you’ll love Locked in Edinburgh. Escape Rooms are some of the most fun activities you can enjoy. In a rainy city like Edinburgh, sometimes you need a good indoor adventure to partake in. Afraid that those small cages in the photo are a little small? Don’t be scared; that’s not how …

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  • 7 February

    10 Amazing Activities in Kyiv You Can’t Miss

    Selfie in Kiev

    Do you ever experience culture shock? After 44 countries, I didn’t think I would anymore. Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, proved me wrong. This formerly communistic city has a wealth of amazing architecture, art and culinary surprises. Here are some of the amazing activities in Kyiv I thoroughly enjoyed, and a few more that are still on my bucket list …

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January, 2018

  • 29 January

    What Life is Like After Three Years on the Road

    Selfie at the Border (Three Years)

    Three years ago on January 28th, 2015 I boarded a plane in Portland, Oregon via Los Angeles to London with a one-way ticket to travel the world. I touched down at 6 a.m. at London Gatwick airport, setting foot on a new continent for the first time in my life. Since then, I’ve had a world of adventures while inspiring …

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  • 25 January

    My Short Winter Road Trip Around Scotland

    Selfie at Meeting of Three Waters

    To kick off the new year, I made a short winter road trip with a fellow traveler around Scotland to see the country covered in snow, and also to pick up some bags I had left at my dad’s house while I traveled the world. I’ve recently moved into my own flat in Edinburgh, and for the first time in …

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  • 20 January

    Discovering Bristol’s Best Escape Room at Puzzlair

    Discovering Bristol's Best Escape Room at Puzzlair 34

    I love puzzles. I started solving 500-piece puzzles in an hour when I was 5. Then in 2015, I discovered escape rooms in Riga, Latvia with some friends. I’ve been in love with them ever since. When I found Puzzlair in Bristol, I knew I had to go. ContentsWhat is an Escape Room?What Made Puzzlair the BestAbout PuzzlairPlanning to Visit …

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  • 17 January

    My 2018 Itinerary: Time To See the Rest of Europe

    Selfie Boarding Easijet at Inverness

    I’m a little embarrassed to say I only made it to 10 countries in 2017, the same as in 2016, and only six were new. I’m wondering if I’ll be able to get back up to 35 countries as I did in 2015. To get started, here are the first countries I have on my 2018 itinerary. For this list, …

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  • 14 January

    What it’s Like Behind the Scenes at the Edinburgh Christmas Market

    Selfie at the Edinburgh Christmas Market

    In 2016, I found one of my friends selling candied nuts at the Edinburgh Christmas Market. He looked to be having great fun, so I figured I’d apply to work at the 2017 market. What seemed to be an enjoyable opportunity quickly turned into a nightmare. If you’re considering working at the Edinburgh Christmas Market, or just want to know …

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  • 12 January

    A Guide to Spending Three Days in Luang Prabang, Laos

    Selfie at Kuang Si Waterfalls

    Luang Prabang was one of my last cities to explore in SE Asia in 2017. I spent three days there, as part of a week vacation from my home base in Chiang Mai, after taking the slow boat tour along the Mekong River. I didn’t really know what to expect, other than it would be a typical town in SE …

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  • 8 January

    Attending the Hogmanay New Year’s Celebration was a Dream Come True

    Edinburgh's Hogmanay 2018 Midnight Moment (c) Chris Watt

    It’s been about ten years since I first watched Hogmanay on YouTube, and I’ve been dreaming about attending it in person ever since. For New Year’s Eve 2018, I stood beneath Edinburgh castle watching the best fireworks show ever, I realized my dream had come true as tears poured down my face. It wasn’t just about seeing the show in …

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December, 2017

  • 21 December

    Why Iceland Didn’t Become My Favorite Country in the World

    Selfie in Iceland

    Iceland is the most beautiful country in the world, but it’s not my favorite. That honor still goes to Scotland where the food, people, climate, dialect, nature and location come together to make a spectacular package. Iceland is drop-dead gorgeous, the people are friendly and the food is truly unique. So why didn’t it become my favorite? In 2017, I …

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  • 13 December

    Enjoying the Super Frizzante Christmas Menu at Zizzi

    Nancy at Zizzi

    Usually I tell people to avoid the Royal Mile when looking for a good restaurant to eat at in Edinburgh. Through the Book a Table website I found Zizzi, which technically is off the Mile, and had an absolutely delicious Italian dinner from their Super Frizzante Christmas Menu. Here’s how my night started with prosecco and ended in decadence. ContentsBeetroot Cured …

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  • 10 December

    Mind Blown on the Ice and Lava Caves Tour in Iceland

    Ice Cave Tunnel

    On my third day in Iceland, I took the Ice and Lava Caves tour with Reykjavik Sightseeing. I didn’t even know what a lava cave was, let alone that Iceland had the largest man-made ice cave in the world. Well, now I do, and I thought you would like to too. ContentsLangjökull – Into the GlacierHraunfossar and BarnafossVíðgelmir – The Ice …

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November, 2017

  • 27 November

    How the Loft Hostel Made it Possible for Me to Visit Iceland

    LOFT Hostel Reykjavik

    For months, I’d been receiving invitations to visit Iceland with the Trablin convention. The only problem was the price tag. Trablin wasn’t a fortune, but the rest of Iceland was. Hotels in Reykjavik averaged over $2500 a week! Luckily, I was able to find the LOFT Hostel, which made my visit possible. Visiting Iceland was always at the top of …

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  • 22 November

    Checking the Northern Lights in Iceland Off My Bucket List

    Northern Lights with Reykjavik Sightseeing #2

    The northern lights were on my bucket list for as long as I can remember. How could I not want to see such raw natural beauty? The only problem was where to see them, and when. Although they have been spotted in places like Edinburgh and Montana, I wanted to see the good displays, and those were usually reported in …

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  • 19 November

    Is Visiting the Blue Lagoon in Iceland Worth It?

    Blue Lagoon in Iceland

    The Blue Lagoon in Iceland is one of the most beautiful spas in the world. Located in volcanic hot springs and surrounded by gorgeous scenery, they have been on many a traveler’s bucket list, including mine. Who wouldn’t want to visit? The waters of the Blue Lagoon first began to form in 1974 as a byproduct of the Svartsengí Geothermal …

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  • 7 November

    Visiting the Greatest Steamship in the World: The SS Great Britain

    SS Great Britain

    When I first saw the SS Great Britain in 2015, I wasn’t too keen to visit tourist attractions, preferring to simply revel in exploring a whole new country after having left the US. With free activities like Clifton Bridge, St. Nicholas Market and the cathedral in Bristol, I didn’t see any reason to pay for a ship in the harbor, …

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  • 2 November

    The Bristol – The Perfect Place to Stay in Bristol, England

    The Bristol Room

    There are surprisingly few places to stay in Bristol, even less than neighboring Bath, and some places are certainly better than others. I had a chance to spend a night at The Bristol with my dad. While I can’t compare it to every other hotel in Bristol, I can say it was surprisingly good. There was absolutely nothing in my …

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October, 2017

  • 30 October

    Who Knew the Roman Baths Were So Extensive?

    Roman Baths and Bath Abbey

    The first time I saw the Roman Baths in the town of Bath, England, I only viewed what I now know is the King Bath, a small pool where the thermal springs first emerge from the ground. It wasn’t until my third visit to Bath when I finally explored the rest of the complex, and boy is it extensive. Two …

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  • 25 October

    Checking Out the New Wellness Suite at the Thermae Bath Spa

    Cross Bath by candlelight

    I open the glass doors and pass into a steam-filled. Lavender fills my lungs as harp music plays in the background of the blue and yellow room. My body immediately started to relax as peace flowed through my mind. This is the Roman steam room, the first of five saunas in Thermae Bath Spa’s new Wellness Suite. I originally visited …

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  • 14 October

    Why I Prefer to Travel with Craghoppers’ Clothing

    Selfie with Craghoppers at the Storr

    Finding the right travel garments can be a challenge. While I certainly haven’t tried all brands, Craghoppers is the best I’ve found so far. I received my first pair of trousers from Craghoppers as a birthday gift from my best friend nearly five years ago. Sasha had no idea I would be traveling the world with them, and neither did …

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September, 2017

  • 29 September

    A Traveler’s Guide for What to Do and See in Odessa, Ukraine

    Odessa City Center

    Ukraine was country #44 for me. My first stop was in Odessa, called the Pearl of the Black Sea. I’d been given several expectations of cheap prices, beautiful girls and an international culture. All were true, and so much more. I had organized to get toured around the city, but a fiasco with my email prevented me from finalizing where …

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  • 14 September

    What it’s Like to Attend the Notting Hill Carnival

    Woman at Notting Hill Carnival

    Surprisingly, I had never heard of the Notting Hill Carnival before Kacie of The Rare Welsh Bit invited me to attend. Not sure why I hadn’t since it’s only the second-largest street carnival in the world. ContentsHistory of the Notting Hill CarnivalSafety at Notting HillAttending the CarnivalWhat to ExpectNotting Hill Carnival MessagePlanning to Visit England?Pin It! History of the Notting Hill Carnival …

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  • 12 September

    What It’s Like to Eat With the Mafia in Odessa, Ukraine

    Selfie at Mafia Restaurant in Odessa

    Wandering around the streets on my first night in the Ukraine, I had no idea where to eat, or even what genuine Ukrainian food would be. I’m quite happy that I stumbled upon Mafia, a fancy, family restaurant serving just about everything, although not exactly authentic Ukrainian fare. What drew me to the restaurant was seeing that Mafia had a …

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  • 4 September

    Food Review: Eating With the Native Chefs in London

    Native Restaurant in Neal's Yard

    I was invited to eat at Native with fellow food blogger Kacie of Despite a dozen visits to London, I’d seem to have missed Neal’s Yard every time. If you like hip spots, delicious healthy food and cozy, small restaurants, Native is the perfect option for central London. We stayed at the Travelodge in Covent Gardens, just a couple streets …

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  • 1 September

    Travel Advice: Surviving the Streets of Romania, and How to Improve Them

    Driving the Streets of Romania

    I learned how to drive on the streets of Los Angeles. In America, LA is considered one of the most dangerous cities to drive in, perhaps only second to New York. However, in my travels, I’ve found other places far more difficult than LA. Mexico City, London and Bangkok are up there. Then there was Bucharest, Romania. While I didn’t …

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August, 2017

  • 16 August

    Hotel Review: NEBO Hotel in Odessa, Ukraine

    Selfie at Nebo Hotel

    I only spent two days in Odessa, which wasn’t nearly enough time. Fortunately, both days were spent at the boutique NEBO Hotel. When I first arrived at the hotel, I was sure I had the wrong address. While the building initially looked like it could be a hotel, there was no sign outside for the NEBO Hotel, and no indication …

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  • 12 August

    Journal Entry: A Wild Blablacar Ride from Chisinau to Odessa Via Transnistria

    Building in Transnistria

    Whether you go by bus or car from Moldova to Ukraine, you’ll pass through Transnistria, the little-known territory between the two countries. Getting a bus from Chisinau to Odessa isn’t hard, although the bus station is hard to find outside of town. Bus tickets are about €10, and the ride takes 5-6 hours. I considered this option, but instead choose …

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  • 9 August

    Follow in My Footsteps: The Santa Cruz That Isn’t on Google Maps

    Santa Cruz Beaches

    Most people think of California or Tenerife when they think of Santa Cruz. If you Google the Santa Cruz in Portugal, you’ll get the town on Madeira Island. Yet there’s another one. Just an hour north of Lisbon is Santa Cruz, an idyllic stretch of sandy beaches, oceanside cafes and boutique hotels. Santa Cruz is also home to the annual …

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  • 6 August

    Follow in my Footsteps: Visit the European Surfing Capital of Peniche

    Selfie in Peniche

    Day two of my tour through central Portugal brought me to Peniche. If you’re a surfer or enjoy other water sports, this small town is your best choice in Europe. The city of Peniche is built on a small peninsula about an hour and a half north of Lisbon. With barely 15,000 people, it doesn’t even make the top 50 …

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  • 3 August

    Follow in my Footsteps: Fish, Funiculars and 100-Foot Waves in Nazaré

    Selfie in Sitio, Nazare

    My week in Portugal was primarily about best surfing locations. It’s been years since I was on a board, and I wasn’t quite ready to surf the waves in Nazaré, which can get over 100-feet high in the winter! Everything else I found the town was simply wonderful. Nazaré was the first stop on my tour of central Portugal. Taking a …

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July, 2017

  • 31 July

    Spending a Week in Central Portugal

    Press Tour in Central Portugal (2)

    For my 45th country, I teamed up with Visit Portugal and Centro de Portugal to explore the best surf spots and historic towns in central Portugal. Guided by the energetic Jose of Madomis Tours and Joao of Naturexperience, I learned how to surf (again), saw the location of the highest-ever surfed wave (78 feet!), strolled through beautiful villages, slept in amazing …

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  • 27 July

    Travel Advice: Finding the Best Accommodations in Santa Cruz, Portugal

    Selfie with Accommodations in Santa Cruz

    In my recent visit to Portugal, I got to see two hotels which, in my humble opinion, were truly spectacular. If you’re looking for accommodations in Santa Cruz, I can’t recommend these enough. Just to clarify, this is the Santa Cruz an hour north of Lisbon where you’ll find some amazing surfing spots, not the Santa Cruz on Madeira Island …

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  • 16 July

    Finding the Best Cafes in Chisinau, Moldova

    Selfie at Tucano Coffee

    Why would you go to Chisinau? That’s a question I was asked by several people, before and after I went. Well, the simple truth is Moldova was one of the last countries in Europe left for me to visit, and it was on the way to Ukraine from Romania. Also, it’s cheap. Like $0.10 for a bus ride cheap. The …

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  • 13 July

    Journal Entry: My Epic Fail with Hostels in Moldova

    Selfie with Hostels in Moldova

    I spent four nights between three hostels in Moldova. Had I gotten any sleep at all, I’d say it had been a nightmare. Well, I did get a little sleep, but it was pretty bad. I hadn’t expected to stay in hostels at all, but the person I was going to stay with had just moved back in with their …

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  • 10 July

    My Unexpected Way-stop Spending a Day in Cluj, Romania

    Madalina and I at Cluj Botanical Gardens

    My day in Cluj came about almost by accident. I never had Cluj on my itinerary, and I had no idea what I would do if I spent a day there. Now that I have, I can give you an idea of what’s available…which isn’t a lot. ContentsEnding Up in ClujCluj City CenterAlexandru Borza Botanical GardensOther Attractions Near ClujTurda Salt …

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  • 7 July

    A Day in Northern Cyprus Exploring Kyrenia, Bellapais Monastery and St. Hilarion Castle

    Selfie with The Way Away at Bellapais Abbey in Kyrenia

    When I landed in Cyprus, I had no idea I would get to explore an abandoned castle in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Heck, I didn’t even know that there was a separate territory to Cyprus on the island. On the evening of my second day in Cyprus, I got a message from Ashley Brown of The Way Away …

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  • 4 July

    A One-Day Trip to Paphos, Cyprus to See the Tomb of the Kings

    Paphos Tomb of the Kings #2

    While on Cyprus, I decided to take a one-day trip to the town of Paphos. I had read in Lonely Planet that it was rated as one of the top ten European destinations for 2017. Yet many of the locals also said it wasn’t worth visiting. Well, here’s my own judgment on the town, and whether I think you should …

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June, 2017

  • 28 June

    Journal Entry: My SNAFU With Couchsurfing in Cyprus

    Couchsurfing in Cyprus

    I love Couchsuring. It’s my favorite way to travel, and I’ve never had a problem with it. Until now. Here’s how I nearly got stranded Couchsurfing in Cyprus, and how I was saved. It’s been some time since I used the Couchsurfing website to find a host. I was hosting myself for three months in Chiang Mai, and then staying …

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  • 25 June

    Travel Advice: 10 Benefits to Traveling Solo Around the World

    Selfie on the Airport Couch Traveling Solo

    For two and a half years, I’ve been traveling solo around the world. I’m not going to lie, it does get lonely. However, there are a handful of reasons why traveling solo is a great option. ContentsYou have more time to yourselfYou set your own scheduleYou set your own paceYou can enjoy your own activitiesCouchsurfing is easierYou can get the …

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  • 22 June

    Journal Entry: Preparing My Backpack to Fly with Wizz Air

    Selfie with Wizz Air

    This week I’m flying from Cluj to Cyprus (country #42) with Wizz Air. It’s not my first time flying with them, but it will be my first time making a conscious effort to keep my backpack within the baggage restrictions. I’m notorious for getting away with taking too much luggage with me on flights. My bag by the end of …

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  • 19 June

    Follow in my Footsteps: Slow Boat Cruise on the Mekong

    Selfie at Slow Boat in Laos

    The idea of being stuck on a slow boat for three days didn’t appeal to me when I first heard about it. After months of people recommending the tour in Laos, I finally decided to give it a try while I was still in SE Asia. It turns out that the “three-day” tour was one day of travel just get …

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  • 16 June

    Journal Entry: Putting Up With the Scams in Asia

    Friends on Tuk Tuk

    There are times when I wonder if all the locals are in on the scams in Asia, or perhaps they simply don’t know the best ways to do things. While there is a significant percentage of the latter – citizens who genuinely don’t know about better buses, routes or activities – the number of scams throughout the region still puts …

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  • 14 June

    Journal Entry: An Unexpected Weekend Road Trip to Brasov and Romanian Tiny Homes

    Selfie in Tiny Home on Road Trip to Brasov

    Had you asked me last Friday morning what I was going to do for the weekend, I would have never guessed I would be on a spur-of-the-moment road trip to Brasov and beyond in Romania to see tiny homes and some gorgeous locations. On Friday afternoon, I was working on my itinerary for the rest of the year when Tudor, …

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  • 12 June

    Follow in my Footsteps: 5 Steps to Properly Feed Bananas to Elephants in Thailand

    Selfie at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary #2

    I finished my tour of Thailand with a trip to the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary. It was by far the highlight of my adventures in the country. I can’t recommend it highly enough, so here are the steps so you can follow in my footsteps. ContentsTravel to ThailandGet a bus from Bangkok to Chiang MaiBook a Tour with the Elephant Jungle SanctuaryGet …

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  • 10 June

    Travel Itinerary 2017: My Remaining Countries in Europe

    Travel Itinerary 2017

    In 2016, I slowed down considerably from the 35 countries I visited in 2015. Now I’m at it again. After having my home base in Thailand for the first four months of the year where I taught English and had all sorts of adventures, I’ve returned to Europe with a big itinerary. My plan is to visit my remaining 15 countries …

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  • 8 June

    Budget Travel: Will the Isle of Skye Cost $15 or $50 Per Day?

    Neist Point

    Getting to the Isle of Skye on a budget can be quite a challenge. Not only is the UK expensive in its own right, the Isle of Skye is one of the top tourist destinations in the UK. In fact, nearly 70% of the total revenue of the island is made of tourism. However, if you’re willing to rough it …

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  • 6 June

    Journal Entry: Surviving a Weekend Dog Sitting in Romania

    Selfie Dogsitting

    I love dogs. When I heard that my friend from Timisoara started her own dog sitting business, I had to ask if there was any chance I could help. I’d no idea what I was getting myself into. Dog sitting is a great way to fund your travels around the world, if you can find the work. Last year, I signed …

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May, 2017

  • 30 May

    Journal Entry: My Epic Four Days with Experience Bucharest

    Selfie at the Palace of the Parliament

    From May 12-16, I participated in the Experience Bucharest summit and press trip. Kicking off with an excellent conference, the four days were filled with amazing tours, heavenly meals and never-ending parties. I’m so glad I chose Romania as my next home base. In 2015, I visited Timisoara and Resita in Romania, and completely fell in love with the country. …

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  • 28 May

    5 Locations Which Prove Bucharest Has the Best Urban Ruins

    Bucharest Urban Ruins

    I love exploring urban ruins. In Berlin I snuck into Spreepark, I jumped the fence into an 800-year-old church in Prizren and I still have the Ghost Tower of Bangkok on my bucket list. When I heard about the Beautiful Decay Tour of Bucharest offered by Interesting Times Bureau, I jumped at the opportunity. ContentsUrban Ruins in BucharestPalatul AdevarulGrand Hôtel du …

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  • 25 May

    How to Take a Shower While Traveling the World, and other Nomad Tips

    Juliano Taking a Shower in the Waterfall

    You wouldn’t think I’d need to write a post about taking a shower around the world, but that strange white box in the bathroom has perplexed more American travelers than you can imagine. ContentsTurn the power on in the showerControl the temperature with the water pressureAvoid scalding waterUse the right button to flush the toilet Turn the power on in …

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  • 23 May

    Journal Entry: Back On the Isle of Skye with My Dad

    Dad and I at the Fairy Glen (Isle of Skye with my Dad)

    To be fair, I’m not entirely sure who in my family decided to call me Skye. I’ve had my own story for most of my life, but there are conflicting opinions and it seems to have been a universal decision (as it usually is). However, I am fairly certain it was my dad who chose to spell it after the Isle of …

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  • 21 May

    Follow in My Footsteps: Bucharest is The World’s Newest Old Town

    Europe's Newest Old Town

    In a city filled with historic monuments and landmarks, it’s hard to imagine that Bucharest is the location of the world’s newest Old Town. You’d never guess that those stones were only laid down in 2011 as you stroll down the cobblestone-paved streets. What is now a hip, nightlife-infused hub of Eastern Europe was a derelict and dangerous district of …

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  • 17 May

    Follow in my Footsteps: Treading Carefully in Bucharest’s Bellu Cemetery

    Bellu Cemetery

    Graveyards are supposed to be creepy, right? Not in Romania. I’ve yet to to get to the Merry Cemetery in the north, but Bellu Cemetery in the southern part of Bucharest holds plenty of unique and captivating tombstones, crypts, crosses and other memorabilia to keep you occupied for hours. I booked my Bellu Cemetery Darkside Tour with Interesting Times Bureau, a …

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  • 5 May

    The New Chiang Mai Water Park at the Grand Canyon Quarry

    Chiang Mai Water Park

    It’s been 18 months since I visited the Chiang Mai Quarry, and a lot has changed. Most notable is the addition of the Chiang Mai Water Park, and the closing down of the high jump I went off of in 2015. ContentsHow to Find the Chiang Mai Water ParkThree Locations to Choose FromThe Chiang Mai Water ParkClick to Pin It!Resources How …

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April, 2017

  • 30 April

    10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Rent a Motorcycle in Thailand

    Motorcycle in Thailand

    Renting a motorcycle in Thailand is very easy, and a great way to see the country. Prices can vary from region to region, but is usually not much more than $10 a day, and can be as little as $3 a day. The thrill of riding through the countryside of Thailand is exhilarating, especially if you’ve never been on the …

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  • 26 April

    10 Activities to Do In and Around Chiang Rai, Thailand

    White Temple in Chiang Rai without Crowds

    A mere 3 hours away from Chiang Mai is the small town of Chiang Rai. While there isn’t anything much special to see within the town (except perhaps the clock tower and night market), the surrounding countryside contains some pretty spectacular locations. ContentsHow to Get to Chiang RaiWat Rong Khun, aka White TempleRong Suea Ten, aka Blue TempleBaan Dam, aka Black …

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  • 21 April

    My First Thai New Year, aka Songkran Water Festival

    Selfie at Songkran

    Songkran is Thailand’s New Year. April 13th to be specific, yet the festivities last for several more days. And wouldn’t you know, Chiang Mai just happens to be the top city to celebrate it. While there were no fireworks this year due to the king’s recent passing, the New Year’s celebrations aren’t much different than other countries, except I didn’t …

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  • 17 April

    It Turns Out I’m a Millennial After All

    Selfie on Landsort ((Millennials)

    Aside from the fact that I was born in the generation of Millennials, it just might possibly be that my daily yoga and penchant for chai tea qualifies me for the label as well. Truth be told, I missed out on a lot of what my generation had to offer. Since I went to so many schools, it was hard …

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  • 13 April

    Don’t You Dare Think of Getting a Massage as a Luxury

    Crazy Sexy Fun Traveler Getting a Massage

    Many cultures and countries think of getting a massage as a luxury item, and most charge a fortune for one as if it was. Nothing could be further from the truth. In other countries, such as Thailand, China and Indonesia, tourists flock to get their “luxury” massage. You would never think of going to the doctor or dentist as a …

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  • 11 April

    Follow in My Footsteps: Explore the Temples Outside Chiang Mai Old Town

    Wat Srisuphan Ordination Temple Updated

    Sometimes I wonder if there’s an end to the temples in Chiang Mai. I’d say there were hundreds, but thousands is probably more correct. While there’s not much reason to visit every temple in Chiang Mai, as many of them are quite similar, there are a few unique ones that stand out. Here are some of my favorites, located outside …

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  • 3 April

    A Purrrfect Catmosphere Afternoon in Chiang Mai, Thailand

    Selfie at Catmosphere

    When I first saw the Catmosphere cat cafe in Chiang Mai, I knew I would have to visit someday. I love cats almost as much as I love dogs, and the chance to spend an afternoon with them was high on my list. The first cat cafe I saw was Cafe Neko in Vienna but I didn’t actually go in, partially …

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