Nazare Gallery: Photos of Food, Funiculars and Fun in Nazare, Portugal

This is a photo tour of Nazare, Portugal. Please read my full article on exploring Nazare.

Nazare Town Square

Church in the town center of Nazare

Surf Statue in Nazare

Surfing statue in Nazare

Nazare Lighthouse

Nazare lighthouse


Surf Museum in Nazare

Surf museum at the Nazare lighthouse

Castle Lighthouse above Waves

Waves beneath the lighthouse

Nazare Panorama from Sitio

Nazare Panorama from the cliff

Nazare Surfing Beach

Nazare South Beach

Nazare south beach

Nazare Funicular

Nazare funicular

Nazare Panorama from Hotel Mare

Nazare below the cliff

Nazare North Beach

Nazare north beach

Waves in Nazare

Waves in Nazare

Sitiado Decorations #2

Sitiado Decorations #1

Sitiado decorations

Sitiado Prawns

Prawns at Sitiado

Sitiado Cockles

Cockles at Sitiado

Sitiado Clams

Clams at Sitiado

Sitiado Chorizo Sausage

Chorizo sausage at Sitiado

Sitiado Mushrooms

Grilled mushrooms at Sitiado

Taberna D' Adélia Appetizers

Appetizers at Taberna D’ Adélia

Taberna D' Adélia Fish

Fish at Taberna D’ Adélia

Taberna D' Adélia Desserts

Dessert at Taberna D’ Adélia

My Dessert Plate

My dessert plate at Taberna D’ Adélia

Hotel Mare Bedroom

Bedroom at Hotel Mare

Hotel Mare Welcome

Welcome at Hotel Mare

Hotel Mare Breakfast

Breakfast at Hotel Mare

Selfie in Sitio, Nazare

Selfie in Nazare

Selife in Nazare #3Nazare Promontory and Lighthouse