When I first saw the Catmosphere cat cafe in Chiang Mai, I knew I would have to visit someday. I love cats almost as much as I love dogs, and the chance to spend an afternoon with them was high on my list.

The first cat cafe I saw was Cafe Neko in Vienna but I didn’t actually go in, partially because I only saw one cat in the window. Then last year I went to Maison de Moggy (house of cats) in Edinburgh with another cat lover.

Catmosphere is one of at least five cat cafes in Chiang Mai, but it’s the closest to my condo. Opening hours are 10 AM to 8 PM, and the best time to visit is morning or evening when the cats are more awake. The entrance fee is 100 baht ($3) per hour, or one item from the menu. Personally I got a ham and cheese sandwich for 135 baht, and I was quite happy when they brought two sandwiches!

Catmosphere Menu

The layout of the cafe is simple. There aren’t any set times, although you might have to wait if it’s too crowded. Just wash your hands and then the staff will open the door for you. Sit at your assigned spot (a coffee table with pillows for chairs) and order any food or drink that you want.

As for the cats, there are twenty three at Catmosphere, and not regular house cats either. Most of the cats are pedigrees. My personal favorite was the Bengal. The Siamese was also really cute, but not as friendly. There were also giant hairballs that were wonderful to cuddle with.

Catmosphere Cats #4

You can take as long as you want playing with the cats. I stayed nearly two hours and never once was I asked to leave or made to feel unwelcome.

When you’ve had your fill, you either pay for your food or time.

To be fair, the cats aren’t entirely interactive unless you’re feeding them or using the string to play with them, and even that has its limits. This could have simply been because I arrived in the afternoon when the cats like to sleep. That was fine with me. I just liked being in the same room with so many cats.

Catmosphere Cats #12

So are you a cat or a dog person?

PS: In case you’ve been following me on Facebook, I have to apologize for a rather crude April Fool’s joke. While I sometimes get a mild allergic reaction to cats, I did not have one at the cafe, nor did I end up in the hospital. I sincerely apologize if I upset you with my post.

Catmosphere Cats #2

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