You may know about private boat tours in San Diego for whale watching excursions, but did you realize you can reserve one for other uses as well? The ocean has always had a romantic appeal, which makes it a natural fit for such occasions. If you’re stuck for ideas to impress a date or celebrate a special event, look to the sea for a unique experience, one that you’ll want to repeat. Here are some ideas for making a date memorable.

Romantic Questions

It’s a fun, modern trend to ask that special someone for a date in a unique manner, and what could be more unique than during a dinner cruise? Couples ranging from teenagers to older adults can use the occasion for a variety of romantic reasons, including:

  • Asking a date to prom or another high school dance
  • Making a great impression on someone during a first date
  • Popping the question to your significant other

The possibilities for private dining in San Diego extend as far as your imagination can take them. By chartering a boat, you can arrange for the perfect timing of the question, with help from the crew to carry out any surprise you may be planning.

Proposal by the Sea

Celebrate an Anniversary

For couples who have been married a long time or any couple that wants an especially romantic dinner, private boat charters San Diego are a natural fit. A cruise through the harbor at sunset is a beautiful setting for celebrating an anniversary. Whether you want a special dinner for two or seating for all your family and friends, the right boat can accommodate you. Dance cheek-to-cheek or bust out your best floss moves to live music as part of your night.

Plan a Wedding on Board

The most romantic of all occasions is a wedding, of course, and San Diego wedding cruises deliver. A charter boat crew will work with you and your wedding planner to make sure your special day comes off without a hitch. Smaller weddings, of up to about 70 people (including wedding party and guests) are easily accommodated with a yacht service. With beautiful ocean views as a backdrop, you’ll have unique photo ops and a wedding ceremony unlike any other. Then, you can literally sail off into the sunset as you enjoy an exciting night beneath the stars, celebrating with your guests.

If you have a larger wedding that can’t be accommodated, consider having the rehearsal dinner on board a yacht; it’s a great way to thank those in the wedding party, as well as friends and family members who have helped with your wedding.

San Diego Harbor

Other Occasions to Use Private Boat Tours in San Diego

Whether your beloved aunt is turning 80, your spouse got a big promotion or your child just graduated from college, you can make any occasion special by celebrating it on the ocean. Family reunions, engagement parties, bridal showers and more are all made more fun on the sea. To be sure your plans are realized, be sure to research private boat charters San Diego to find the right boat and crew, and touch base with them early in the planning stages. A helpful crew can make your occasion one to remember.

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