If you plan to use Airbnb in Rotterdam, there are plenty of awesome choices. You can sleep in the Cube Houses, on a boat or even in a windmill. But I think the best is the Culture Campsite.

Architecture in Rotterdam

I like to think of Rotterdam as an architectural playground. After bombs and a subsequent fire destroyed the center of Rotterdam in World War II, the city has taken advantage of its rebuilding to push the limits of innovation. Most of the tallest buildings in this region of Europe are all found in Rotterdam, and they’re building another one now to top them all.

Throughout the city, the buildings are unique, modern, and in many cases, simply different than anything you’d ever imagine. If you remember that movie where Jackie Chan slides down the side of a building with a sloped roof, that was in Rotterdam. As mentioned earlier, the tree-shaped Cube Houses in Rotterdam are a major attraction, although I think the Markthal (Central Market Hall) across the square from them is even more impressive. But not all the buildings are big.

What is the Culture Campsite

The Culture Campsite is a project started by two couples in Rotterdam. Their concept was to create a new level of glamping within the city limits of Rotterdam using upcycled materials, and they’ve accomplished just that.

Last year, they did a trial run for a few weekends, and they were sold out almost instantly. Now they’ve found a spot in the Delfshaven neighborhood of Rotterdam along the River Maas. It was only about two months ago when they opened their doors, and they’ve already expanded to nine camping spots.

Culture Campsite Honeycomb Capsule

Now, this isn’t tent camping. The nine sleeping capsules are each unique and give a whole new meaning to glamping. Some look like mini spaceships, while others are like a child’s dream house. The one I got to stay in is called the Val Ross. I have absolutely no idea how to describe it, but I’ll give it a try. It’s like a giant bean with a queen-size bed inside. Or maybe it’s more like a giant cement mixer! The only thing I know is there’s nothing else like it.

Culture Campsite Van Ross

Another unit that arrived the day before I did looks just like a big, metal recycling collection unit, and that’s because it is! Someone took the metal frame, welded one side up as a door and then they put a large bed inside. What an awesome way to reuse old materials!

Culture Campsite Recycling Campsule

Every capsule has a bed for two people, but some are slightly bigger than others. Towels are provided, as well as extra blankets if you need them. The only thing I might recommend bringing is some mosquito spray, not because there are a lot of mosquitos at the campground, but because this is the Netherlands and one of the critters is bound to be flying around.

Exploring the Campground

As this is glamping, the Culture Campsite is a fully equipped facility. Not only are there two clean toilets and showers, there’s also a little kitchen area with cooking and cleaning stations complete with a fridge full of snacks and drinks you can purchase. All their food is bio and healthy.

Culture Campsite Bathrooms

Next to the kitchen is a giant bubble dome for the dining room with several tables inside. If you’re not eating, you can also grab one of the board games or puzzles to play with. All the dishes you could need are available, and at breakfast there’s a nice display of all the morning options.

Culture Campsite Breakfast

Then there’s my favorite part of the Culture Campsite. Right in the center of the campground is a hot tub. It looks like a tiny water tower connected to an old log burner. It takes a few hours to warm up, but they can get it ready in the afternoon and by the evening you’ll be soaking in the warmth just a few feet away from your glamping pod. That’s the best considering Rotterdam’s high incidence of cold and rainy days.

Booking the Culture Campsite

The easiest way to book a night at the Culture Campsite is through Airbnb. If you’re new to the website, you can get a $35 discount by using this link to book your stay.

To get to the campsite from the Rotterdam Central Station, take the 4 or 8 trams to get close, and then you’ll have to walk the final distance. Do note that the check-in closes at 8 p.m., so don’t be late (as I was).

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